New Exhibition: Double Exposure

Date: March 13 – May 31, 2017
Location: Asian Centre (1871 West Mall) (map) & Rare Books and Special Collections (1961 East Mall) (map)
Hours: Same as the Asian Library and RBSC open hours (see hours)

John Cooper Robinson was an Anglican missionary who lived and worked in Japan in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The Cooper Robinson collection consisting of over 4,600 photographic prints, negatives, glass lantern slides, and postcards is one of the most valuable photographic records of this era.

The exhibition on display at Rare Books and Special Collections was curated by Professor Allen Hockley and Naoko Kato. The exhibit highlights four major themes: Robinson and the Economies of Japanese Photography, Robinson and the M.S.C.C. Mission in Japan, Robinson and Japanese Religions, and Robinson’s Photographic Practices. This exhibit features original photographs as well as glass lantern slides and glass negatives that were used by Robinson.

The exhibit display at the Asian Center features a selection from “The Making of History and Artifacts (1888-1926): The Photographs of John Cooper Robinson from Meiji-Taisho Japan” exhibit, curated by Robert Bean with an introduction by Bill Sewell.

Check out the John Cooper Robinson Collection Finding Aid to learn more about this extensive photo collection.

The Asian Library and Rare Books and Special Collections are delighted to host this new exhibit in conjunction with our March 24th symposium, Double Exposure | Japan-Canada: Missionary Photographs of Meiji-Taisho Japan.

The exhibition is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact Japanese Language Librarian Naoko Kato at

Symposium: Missionary Photographs of Meiji-Taisho Japan

Take a rare glimpse into Japan in the 1890s-1920s through the photographs taken by a Canadian missionary, John Cooper Robinson. We can only begin to understand Cooper Robinson’s photographs by overlaying both Canadian and Japanese historical contexts and perspectives. Join our symposium led by art historians and historians who specialize in Japan and Canada, to explore ways in which the Cooper Robinson photographs can be used and made relevant for future research and teaching. Symposium attendees will have the opportunity to visit the ongoing curated exhibit at Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC).

Double Exposure | Japan-Canada: Missionary Photographs of Meiji-Taisho Japan
Friday March 24, 12-4 p.m.

Lillooet Room, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (1961 East Mall) (map)

12:00-1:00  Registration and Reception (light refreshments will be provided)

1:00-1:15  Opening Remarks | Introduction (donor, Jill Robinson)

1:15-2:00  Allen Hockley (respondent, Ignacio Adriasola)

2:00-3:00   RBSC exhibit visit, coffee break

3:00-3:15    Hamish Ion

3:15-4:00    Round table discussion (facilitator, Tristan Grunow) | Concluding Remarks

Allen Hockley is Associate Professor of Art History at Dartmouth College. He specializes in early Japanese photography and woodblock prints and illustrated books from the Tokugawa through early Showa periods.

Hamish Ion is a Professor Emeritus in the History Department, Royal Military College of Canada. He is a specialist in modern Japanese history.

Ignacio Adriasola is Assistant Professor in the Department of Art History, Visual Art, and Theory at the University of British Columbia.

Tristan Grunow is Assistant Professor without review in the Department of History at the University of British Columbia.

The Asian Library and Rare Books and Special Collections and are delighted to host a symposium to launch our current exhibit Double Exposure | Japan-Canada: Missionary Photographs of Meiji-Taisho Japan

This event is made possible through generous support from the Center for Japanese Research, the UBC History Department, the UBC Library, and nominal support from the Consulate General of Japan.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact Japnese Language Librarian Naoko Kato at

Big Thank You to Korea Foundation!

With Korea Foundation’s US$23,000 grant to UBC Library (US$20,000: print resources, US$3,000: e-resources), the Library is able to continue support the collection development and subscribe to the vital electronic databases for Korean Studies.

Asian Library subscribes to the following electronic databases:

DBpia (Korean Database)
This database covers over 2 million full-text articles from more than 2,000 scholarly journals.

KISS (Koreanstudies Information Service System)
Covers subject areas, such as Korean literature, language, history, education, law, and engineering. It provides full text articles from over 3309 journals/thesis titles and access to the Choson Ilbo Archive (newspaper articles since 1920).

KRpia (Korean Database)
This is Full text database for Korean Studies covering history, literature, dictionaries and traditional medicines.

New Books at the Asian Library (Feb 27, 2017)


DS392.2.I84 J56 2016
Calla Jindara Isalāmābāda callīe / Jindara

HQ1744.P86 G87 2016
Dhīāṃ nāla jagga wasendā : wārataka : nārī sarokāra / Ḍā. Guramindara Siddhū

PK2659.A52 K87 2015
Kuṛī Kaineḍā dī / Anamola Kaura

PK2659.H29733 H37 2016
Hāsa wiaṅga afasāne = Stories of humour & satire / Haramohindara Siṅgha Harajī

PK2659.T48 H37 2015
Hasatāk̲h̲ara / Dalīpa Kaura Ṭiwāṇā

PK2659.U47 H67 2016
Hora nahīṃ / Ḍā. Amarajīta Siṅgha ‘Umara’


BQ678 .H555 2015
比較思想から見た日本仏教 / 末木文美士編

DS832.7.K6 N57 2016
関東大震災朝鮮人虐殺の記錄 : 東京地区別1100の証言 / 西崎雅夫編著

DS870 .S47 2016
資料浅草弾左衛門 / 塩見鮮一郎

ND2073.S38 S46 2016
仙厓 : ユーモアあふれる禅のこころ / 監修中山喜一朗

NK4568.N34 M37 2015
平戶焼恋情 : 無垢の白磁は語り菫青は舞う / 著者松浦尚美

PL528 .Y37 2016
漢字廃止の思想史 / 安田敏朗

PL852.A82445 H34 2016
伯爵夫人 / 蓮實重彥

PN6790.J3 Y6474 2016
戦後怪奇マンガ史 / 米沢嘉博


BQ5355.B8 .P66 2015
법명 해설 사전 / 대한 불교 조계종 포교원

DS904.52 .S625 2016
한국 사회 의 정체성 탐색 = Toward identity of Korean society / 서 규환 지음

DS911.62 .S665 2015
처음 읽는 부여사 : 한국 고대 국가 의 원류 부여사 700년 / 송 호정 지음

PL907 .Y76 2015
YTN 뉴스 로 배우는 시사 한국어 / 장 소원·안 효경·김 수영·채 숙희 지음 ; 서울 대학교 한국어 문학 연구소 기획

PL961.8 .Y57 2016
시 읽기 의 즐거움 : 나 의 한국 현대 시 읽기 / 이 시영 지음

PL989.A1 .S84 2015
숙영 낭자 전 ; 홍백화 전 / 김 광순 역주

PL997.Y67 H36 2015
한국 문학사 를 빛낸 현대 인물 20선

PN2934 .S75 2016
한국 연극 과 사실주의 수용 / 송 선호


BL2370.S5 C446 2015
一个当代萨满的生活世界 : 维吾尔老人阿布拉访问记 / 陈建宪著

DS732 .Z466 2016
中文古籍中广东华侨史料汇编 / 何新华编

DS796.H757 Y36 2016
香港治与乱 : 2047的政治想象 / 阎小骏著

 E183.8.C5 W36 2016
美国的焦虑 : 一位智库学者对美国的调研手记 = Anxieties of U.S. : a think tank scholar’s perspective on China’s rise & U.S. response / 王文著

HD6200 .C459 2015
近代中国”打工妹”群体研究 / 池子华著

JQ1519.A5 Q83 2016
崛起与重构 : 大众文化影响下中国共产党意识形态传播路径研究 / 全家悦著

PL2861.A652 G83 2016
孤独中有无尽繁华 / 韩少功著

PL3031.H65 X53 2015
香港文学散步 / 小思编著



Most popular titles in Asian Library’s Great Reads collection

Asian Library’s Great Reads collection of leisure reading was launched in December 2015. It’s more than a year now and this year’s Great Reads items just arrived.  Some of the old titles will be moved to the regular stacks.

The following books were the most frequently circulated in each language area during the past year:

TX724.5 C5 W44 2015
為食香港地 : 知名食肆37個食譜大公開! / 香港餐飮聯業協會
Hong Kong cuisine: 37 selections from locals / Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades

PL2861.A5868 W6 2010
我们的她们 / 韩松落著
Wo men de ta men / Han Songluo zhu

PN6790.J3 Y85 2008
図書館戦争:  Love & war / 弓きいろ , 原作有川浩
Toshokan sensō: love & war / Yumi Kiiro ; gensaku Arikawa Hiro

PL863.E337 S54 2014
鹿の王 / 上橋菜穂子
Shika no ō / Uehashi Nahoko

PN6790.K63 Y965 2014
이끼 / 윤 태호
Ikki / Yun T’ae-ho

PN6790.K63 Y968 2014
파인 : 촌뜨기 / 윤태호
P’ain : ch’onttŭgi / Yun T’ae-ho

PK2659.L35 P58 2015
Piunda kītī berī / Harapāla Siṅgha Lakkhīāṃ
Peond keeti beri / Harpal Singh Lakhian

PK2098.39.A34 N35 2015
Nā ānā isa deśa / Śāntilāla Jaina
Naa aana is desh / by Shantilal Jain

We hope you continue enjoy reading these popular titles. Also come and check out the new Great Reads on the ground floor of the Asian Library.  Visit the Great Reads website to find out the titles.

Happy leisure reading!

New Books at the Asian Library (Feb 15, 2017)

Chinese-language materials
BJ1533.F5 W364 2015
孝道之网 : 客家孝道的历史人类学研究 Xiao dao zhi wang : Kejia xiao dao de li shi ren lei xue yan jiu

BL1945.N45 G46 2016
中国民间造神 : 内丘神码与民间信仰实践 Zhongguo min jian zao shen : Neiqiu shen ma yu min jian xin yang shi jian

NA1545 .J52 2016
近代外国人在华建筑遗存的遗产化研究 Jin dai wai guo ren zai Hua jian zhu yi cun de yi chan hua yan jiu

NA1546 H66 J536 2015
筑觉 : 阅读香港建筑 Zhu jue : yue du Xianggang jian zhu = Arch touch

NB1280 .L52 2015
中国民间画像砖品鉴  Zhongguo min jian hua xiang zhuan pin jian

NK3634.W3 Y89 2015
问道王羲之 : 于钟华解密书法档案 Wen dao Wang Xizhi : Yu Zhonghua jie mi shu fa dang an

PL1101 .H36 2016
汉语历史语言学的传承与发展: 张永言先生从教六十五周年纪念文集 Han yu li shi yu yan xue de chuan cheng yu fa zhan: Zhang Yongyan xian sheng cong jiao liu shi wu zhou nian ji nian wen ji

PL1201 .W36 2016
新编十八韵常用词汇 Xin bian shi ba yun chang yong ci hui

PL1281 .L52 2016
雅林探赜 : 汉语字义引申例论 Ya lin tan ze : Han yu zi yi yin shen li lun

PL2357 .L5 2016
中国民间小戏史论 Zhongguo min jian xiao xi shi lun = A study of the history of traditional Chinese folk theatre

PL2924 Z7 S4
山光水影 Shan guang shui ying

Korean-language materials
CD2259.5.M56 K34 2015
캐나다 토론토 대학교 소장 여흥 민 씨 민 관식 가 의 고문서 K’aenada T’oront’o Taehakkyo sojang Yŏhŭng Min Ssi Min Kwan-sik ka ŭi komunsŏ = The Min family correspondence collection at the University of Toronto.

DD290.25 .T64 2016
독일 통일 관련 문헌 종합 목록 Togil t’ongil kwallyŏn munhŏn chonghap mongnok

Japanese-language materials
ND1053.5 K35 2015
江戶かわいい動物 : たのしい日本美術 / 金子信久 Edo kawaii dōbutsu : tanoshii Nihon bijutsu

Thank you for joining the Lunar New Year celebration!

New Books at the Asian Library (Jan 30, 2017)

Chinese-language materials

DS610.63.T45 Y68 2015
父亲与我 /尤今. 马来亚敌后工作回忆录 Fu qin yu wo / Malaiya di hou gong zuo hui yi lu

PL2263 .L5 2016
多元涵容的文化心态与文学思想 Duo yuan han rong de wen hua xin tai yu wen xue si xiang

PL2302 .C446 2015
中国左翼文学的演进与嬗变: 1927-1937 Zhongguo zuo yi wen xue de yan jin yu shan bian : 1927-1937

PL2321 .R46 2016
唐宋诗序跋研究 Tang Song shi xu ba yan jiu

PL2443 .D83 2015
中国当代短篇小说演变史 Zhongguo dang dai duan pian xiao shuo yan bian shi = The evolution history of Chinese contemporary short stories

PL2727.S2 L5569 2016
红楼梦的儿女真情 Hong lou meng de er nü zhen qing

PL2766.S5 .Z998 2016
为大中华, 造新文学 : 胡适与现代文化暨白话文学 Wei da Zhonghua, zao xin wen xue : Hu Shi yu xian dai wen hua ji bai hua wen xue

PL2837.A35 Z9298 2016
晚安, 张爱玲 : 张爱玲在美国的日子Wan an, Zhang Ailing : Zhang Ailing zai Meiguo de ri zi

PL2837.H758 F36 2016
繁华的荒凉 : 张贤亮散文 Fan hua de huang liang : Zhang Xianliang san wen

PL2894.A475 Z728 2016
三毛传 : 来不及好好告别 Sanmao zhuan : lai bu ji hao hao gao bie

Korean-language materials

BJ1289.3 .H366 2015
한국 문화 전통 과 배려 의 윤리 Han’guk munhwa chŏnt’ong kwa paeryŏ ŭi yulli

BQ1217 .K674 2015
고려 재조 대장경 과 동 아시아 의 대장경 Koryŏ chaejo Taejanggyŏng kwa Tong Asia ŭi Taejanggyŏng

DS917.35 .T34 2015
대한 민국 의 건국 : 시선 의 교차 Taehan Min’guk ŭi kŏn’guk : sisŏn ŭi kyoch’a

DS922.42.P34 C424 2015
朴 正熙 : 한 근대화 혁명가 의 비장한 생애 Pak Chŏng-hŭi : han kŭndaehwa hyŏngmyŏngga ŭi pijanghan saengae

JC330.15 .C46 2016
조선 왕조 의 공공성 담론 Chosŏn wangjo ŭi konggongsŏng tamnon

PL961.4 .K56545 2015
현대시 와 문학 통계학 Hyŏndaesi wa munhak t’onggyehak

PL976.7 .H86 2016
잉어 가죽 구두 외 : 제 61회 現代 文學賞 수상 시집 Ingŏ kajuk kudu oe : che 61-hoe Hyŏndae Munhaksang susang sijip

PL992.29.S6 A6 2016
황 석영 의 밥 도둑 : 황 석영 산문 Hwang Sŏg-yŏng ŭi pap toduk : Hwang Sŏg-yŏng sanmun

Japanese-language materials

GV697.A1 T34 2016
高めあえるライバル Takameaeru raibaru

GV838.I234 K36 2016
私が今日も、泳ぐ理由 : パラスイマー一ノ瀬メイ Watashi ga kyō mo oyogu riyū : parasuimā Ichinose Mei

PL788.4.Z5 K69 2015
紫式部 : はなやかな王朝絵卷「源氏物語」の作者 Murasaki Shikibu : hanayaka na ōchō emaki “Genji monogatari” no sakusha

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Asian Library!

The Year of the Rooster is approaching! Join the Asian Library & the Department of Asian Studies on Friday January 27 to celebrate the Lunar New Year! It’s free and open to the public.

Library programs will be on from 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm.  There are games, food, and more. Visitors to the Asian Library may also receive a pocket of luck!

Programs organized by the Department of Asian Studies will begin at 10:30 am.  There are student and guest performances in the morning and cultural activities (e.g. calligraphy, seal engraving, lantern drawing, Mahjong and Chinese Chess) in the afternoon. They also offer lunch at $5. Click HERE for the details.


Lunar New Year Display

Visit the library upper floor for the Lunar New Year display.  Library resources about the festival will be showcased. Also learn how different Asian countries celebrate the New Year!

Food Sampling
Food always plays an important role during the Lunar New Year. Do you know that food can take on a symbolic role as a tangible gesture of goodwill for loved ones?  Visit our booth at the library entrance for food sampling of traditional snacks and we will tell you more.

Lantern riddle is a folk custom of Lantern Festival, the 15th day of the Lunar New Year.  The answer had to be guessed from a word, a poem or a phrase.   It is interesting and informative!  Come and try it out and you will receive a small gift if you get the answer correct!

Yut Nori
Yut Nori is a traditional board game played in Korea, especially during the Lunar New Year. It includes a board (malpan), 4 wooden sticks (yut) and small tokens (yunmal). Yut sticks are cast to determine how far a token can advance, and the score is determined by counting the sticks that are over, and those that are up. Join us in this game at the library entrance. It’s fun!

Scavenger Hunt
Test yourself how well you know about the Lunar New Year and the Asian Library! Prizes are waiting for you!


Mending Cracks; Limitations – new exhibit at Asian Centre lobby

Date: January 11 to March 3, 2017
Hours: Same as the Asian Library open hours (see hours here)
Location: Asian Centre lobby (1871 West Mall, Vancouver) (map)

Presented by Raghavendra Rao K.V., Artist and Research Associate at the UBC Centre for India and South Asia Research, MENDING CRACKS; LIMITATIONS is an art exhibition consisting of a set of paintings in watercolour, and an installation/ ‘hangings’ of drawings made out of gauze on X-ray sheets. X-ray sheet and gauze act as metaphors for the record of loss; its measure and diagnosis, and a gesture towards the complicated process of healing.

Rao was buried under rubble in the 2001 earthquake in Kutch, India. Long-term, this resulted in the partial paralysis and atrophy of his left arm. He also found himself faced with a further battle to get over the experience, psychologically as well as physically. The central theme of this “Mending Cracks” series as a work-in-progress is disability, trauma and the complex process of recovery.

Preliminary works of this series was exhibited in Vancouver in 2013 and Bangalore, India in 2016.  To learn more about the artist, please visit

Also join Raghavendra in the talk and video screening session . See poster below for details.



New books at the Asian Library (Jan 5, 2017)

Japanese-language materials

DS803.K665 2016
近衞家名宝からたどる宮廷文化史 : 陽明文庫が伝える千年のみやび  Konoe-ke meihō kara tadoru kyūtei bunkashi : Yōmei Bunko ga tsutaeru sennen no miyabi

N7353.5.T36 2015
江戶のバロック : 日本美術のあたらしい見かた  Edo no barokku : Nihon bijutsu no atarashii mikata

HT725.J3 S56 2016
部落史入門  Burakushi nyūmon

PL721.M42 F852 2016
医学書のなかの「文学」 : 江戶の医学と文学が作り上げた世界  Igakusho no naka no “bungaku” : Edo no igaku to bungaku ga tsukuriageta sekai

PL838.A5 Z875 2016
戦争と一人の作家 : 坂口安吾論  Sensō to hitori no sakka : Sakaguchi Ango ron

PN2927.Y3545 2016
映画の黄金時代 : 銀幕のスターたちは語る  Eiga no ōgon jidai : ginmaku no sutātachi wa kataru

TS195.4.H382 2016
昭和のレトロパッケージ  Shōwa no retoro pakkēji

Z106.5.J3 S55 2015
古文書はいかに歴史を描くのか : フィールドワークがつなぐ過去と未来  Komonjo wa ikani rekishi o egaku no ka : fīrudowāku ga tsunagu kako to mirai

Korean-language materials

AM384.5.C46 2015
진품 명품 수집 이야기 : 쓰레기? 나 에겐 추억Chinp’um myŏngp’um sujip iyagi : ssŭregi? na egen ch’uŏk

DS904.7.Y65 2015
코리안 디아스포라, 경계 에서 경계 를 넘다 : 해외 입양인 과 재외 한인 의 예술K’orian tiasŭp’ora, kyŏnggye esŏ kyŏnggye rŭl nŏmta : haeoe ibyangin kwa chaeoe Hanin ŭi yesul

F128.9.K6 C46 2015
뉴욕 에 뿌리 내린 한국인들Nyuyok e ppuri naerin Han’gugindŭl

ND1063.4.T35 2015
고화 정담 : 간송 미술관 의 다정 한 그림Kohwa chŏngdam : Kansong Misulgwan ŭi tajŏng han kŭrim

P41.H25 2016
한국 의 근현대, 개념 으로 읽다Han’guk ŭi kŭnhyŏndae, kaenyŏm ŭro ikta

PL909.Y535 2015
한글 6천년 : 한글 의 기원 을 알면 잊혀진 역사 가 보인다Han’gŭl 6-ch’ŏnnyŏn : Han’gŭl ŭi kiwŏn ŭl almyŏn ich’yŏjin yŏksa ka poinda

PL980.7.K37 2015
진품 명품 수집 이야기 : 쓰레기? 나 에겐 추억Chinp’um myŏngp’um sujip iyagi : ssŭregi? na egen ch’uŏk

PN1993.43.P87 K546 2015
영화 의 바다 속 으로 : 부산 국제 영화제 20년 비하인드 스토리Yŏnghwa ŭi pada sok ŭro : Pusan Kukche Yŏnghwaje 20-nyŏn pihaindŭ sŭt’ori

Chinese-language materials

PL2754.S5 Z594885 2016
鲁迅与胡适:“立人”与“立宪”  Lu Xun yu Hu Shi : “li ren” yu “li xian”

PL2843.p5 G8438 2015
贾平凹《古炉》论  Jia Pingwa “Gu lu” lun

PL2861.O16 Z465 2016
一个平常的故事:何其芳散文  Yi ge ping chang di gu shi: He Qifang san wen

PL2892.I1425 Z534 2016
毕飞宇小说创作研究  Bi Feiyu xiao shuo chuang zuo yan jiu

PL2919.H836 D46 2016
等花落下来:王旭烽散文  Deng hua luo xia lai: Wang Xufeng san wen

PL2946.S385 Z85 2015
诗的还乡:从《诗经》到新诗  Shi de huan xiang: cong “Shi jing” dao xin shi

PL2947.C59 A6 2016
赡养人类  Shan yang ren lei



New Books at the Asian Library (Dec 21, 2016)

Chinese-language materials

BJ1558.C5 C539 2015
《小学》通俗解义 “Xiao xue” tong su jie yi

HF1604.Z4 A78578 2015
一带一路”建设与东盟地区的自由贸易区安排 Yi dai yi lu” jian she yu Dong meng di qu de zi you mao yi qu an pai

HQ1767 .L494 2015
《纽约时报》的中国女性形象研究 (2001年-2010年)   Niuyue shibao de Zhongguo nüxing xingxiang yanjiu

PL2705.I17 Z9755 2015
纪昀文学思想研究 Ji Yun wen xue si xiang yan jiu

PL2727.S2 S723 2015
楼外寻梦 : 红楼女性赏析. 初编 Lou wai xun meng : hong lou nü xing shang xi. Chu bian

PL2842.H732 R56 2015
人生小品 Ren sheng xiao pin

PL2939.A538 G83 2016
孤独深处 Gu du shen chu

WA390 .L4475 2015
“赤脚医生” 与中国乡土社会研究 : 以河南省为例  “Chi jiao yi sheng” yu Zhongguo xiang tu she hui yan jiu : yi Henan Sheng wei li = A research on ‘the barefoot doctors’ and Chinese rural society : taking Henan Province as an example

Japanese-language materials

G155.J3 S55 2016
江戶のパスポート : 旅の不安はどう解消されたか Edo no pasupōto : tabi no fuan wa dō kaishōsareta ka

HQ799.J3 U74 2015
恋愛しない若者たち : コンビニ化する性とコスパ化する結婚 Ren’aishinai wakamonotachi : konbini-kasuru sei to kosupa-kasuru kekkon

NA3584.K8 Y67 2016
京都の意匠 : 暮らしと建築のスタイル Kyōto no dezain : kurashi to kenchiku no sutairu

PL788.4.Z5 Y36 2016
紫式部日記と王朝貴族社会 Murasaki Shikibu nikki to ōchō kizoku shakai

PL855.A859 K66 2016
このあたりの人たち Kono atari no hitotachi

PL858.K845 B53 2016
ビビビ・ビ・バップ Bibibi bi bappu

PL861.A855 T78 2016
妻籠め Tsumagome

PL873.A897 C44 2016
ちちんぷいぷい  Chichin puipui

Korean-language materials

DS915.2 .K49 2015
19세기, 인민 의 탄생 19-segi, inmin ŭi t’ansaeng

DS921.7 .H327 2016
분단 이후 : 비무장 지대 와 군사 문화 Pundan ihu : pimujang chidae wa kunsa munhwa

DS922.2 .K93 2015
격동 한국 50년 : 역사 의 기억, 시대 의 추억 1965-2015 : 구와바라 시세이 한국 사진 전집
Kyŏktong Han’guk 50-yŏn : yŏksa ŭi kiŏk, sidae ŭi ch’uŏk 1965-2015 : Kuwabara Sisei Han’guk sajin chŏnjip

ND1069.C5 C46 2016
찬란한 고독, 한 의 미학 Ch’allanhan kodok, han ŭi mihak

PL967.15 .C4675 2015
고전 소설 의 양식 과 비판 정신 Kojŏn sosŏl ŭi yangsik kwa pip’an chŏngsin

PL967.6 .C54 2016
대중 문학 의 탄생 : 식민지기 한국 대중 소설 연구 Taejung munhak ŭi t’ansaeng : singminjigi Han’guk taejung sosŏl yŏn’gu

PL989.2117 .P342 2015
대각 등계집 Taegak tŭnggyejip

Indic-language materials

BJ1535.S4 S38 2016
Kī suārathī hoṇā pāpa hai? Either selfishness is sin

DS475.2.H17 R34 2016
Jīwana britānta : Saradāra Harī Siṅgha Nalawā

PK2659.C357 L88 2016
Luṭerī weshayā : Pākisatānī kahāṇīāṃ = Luteri vaishya : Pakistani kahanian

PK2659.G245 M38 2015
Mauta de parachāweṃ heṭha : nāwala

PK2659.S4274 M47 2016
Merī preranā merī patanī = My inspiration my wife

PK2659.W293 B43 2015
Bhāīāṃ bājha : waḍḍā nāṭaka = Bhaian baajh : a full length play in Punjabi

PN1998.2 .S23 2016
Bhāratī sinemā de sitāre = Bharti cinema de sitare

PZ90.P3 K65 2015
Lāla ciṛī = Lal chiri


UBC Library branches closing early due to winter weather conditions

Asian Library Holiday Hours

Asian Library’s opening hours during the Christmas and New Year holidays:

December 19-20 (Mon-Tue): 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
December 21-23 (Wed-Fri): 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
December 24 – January 2 (Sat – Mon): closed

We will resume our regular hours on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. Check out more at hours and locations.


New Books at the Asian Library (Dec 7, 2016)

Korean-language materials

B5253.C6 H66 2016
동도관 의 변화 로 본 한국 근대 철학 Tongdogwan ŭi pyŏnhwa ro pon Han’guk kŭndae ch’ŏrhak

DS922.35 .Y43 2016
한국 의 시국 사건 : 1964-1987, 군인 의 시대 를 기록 하다 Han’guk ŭi siguk sakŏn : 1964-1987, kunin ŭi sidae rŭl kirok hada

DS924.C475 K56 2016
정선 의 무형 문화 유산 Chŏngsŏn ŭi muhyŏng munhwa yusan

ND1063.4 .Y52 2015
韓國 의 民畵 Han’guk ŭi minhwa = The folk paintings of Korea

NK6784.6.A1 Y53 2016
삼국 시대 장식 대도 문화 연구 Samguk sidae changsik taedo munhwa yŏn’gu

PL980.6 .S565 2016
2016 신춘 문예 당선 소설집 2016 Sinch’un munye tangsŏn sosŏlchip

PL992.62.W34 A6 2016
우리 가 참 아끼던 사람 : 소설가 박 완서 대담집 Interviews. Selections Uri ka ch’am akkidŏn saram : sosŏlga Pak Wan-sŏ taedamchi

PN1993.5.K6 C525 2016
조선 영화 란 하오 : 근대 영화 비평 의 역사 Chosŏn yŏnghwa ran hao : kŭndae yŏnghwa pip’yŏng ŭi yŏksa

Chinese-language materials

DS774.5 .Z48 2015
中华民国专题史 Zhonghua Minguo zhuan ti shi

GT4883.A2 .H78 2015
循环与守望 : 中国传统节日文化诠释与解读 Xun huan yu shou wang : Zhongguo chuan tong jie ri wen hua quan shi yu jie du

JQ1519.A5 Z86 2015
遵義會議研究 : 纪念遵义会议召开80周年 Zunyi hui yi yan jiu : ji nian Zunyi hui yi zhao kai 80 zhou nian

PL2840.P45 D87 2015
读书是件好玩的事 Du shu shi jian hao wan de shi

PL2921.H355 X532 2015
香港淪陷後 : 末日人間 Xianggang lun xian hou : mo ri ren jian

PL2946.S369 H86 2015
火燄首部曲 : 一九七〇年代的中國青年抗爭小說 Huo yan shou bu qu : yi jiu qi ling nian dai de Zhongguo qing nian kang zheng xiao shuo

PL2947.C59 A6 2015
带上她的眼睛 : 刘慈欣科幻短篇小说集 (I) Dai shang ta de yan jing : Liu Cixin ke huan duan pian xiao shuo ji (I)

Japanese-language materials

DS745.S783 U45 2016
海を渡る史書 : 東アジアの「通鑑」 Umi o wataru shisho : Higashi Ajia no “Tsugan”

DS860.A1 M675 2016
中世の武家官僚と奉行人 Chūsei no buke kanryō to bugyōnin

NC1002.F55 T35 2012
引札 : 田村コレクション Hikifuda : Tamura korekushon

NC1807.J3 M59 2003
日本のポスター : 明治大正昭和 Nihon no posutā : Meiji Taishō Shōwa

PL811.U8 Z794 2016
武者小路実篤とその世界 Mushakōji Saneatsu to sono sekai

PL861.A378 M83 2004
無月ノ橋 Mugetsu no hashi

PN1993.5.J3 S23 2016
映画を知るための教科書, 1912-1979 Eiga o shiru tame no kyōkasho, 1912-1979

PN2067 .N66 2009
能のデザイン Nō no dezain = Design of noh

Indic-language materials

B162.65 .A738 2015
Simran mahima : balanced life Simarana mahimā : sāwīṃ sukhāwīṃ zindagī

BF575.H3 S48 2016
Nafarata wī ikka ahima bhāwanā hai = Hatred is an important emotion

DS377 .M36 2015
Pakistan, as I saw : a travelogue  Pākisatāna jiweṃ maiṃ dekhiā : safaranāmā

HN683.5 .S475 2016
Carittara hīṇatā = Demoralising

PK2659.B46 P2 2016

PK2659.M328 M36 2016
Mana mausama dī raṅgata

Asian Library Extended Open Hours During Exams

To accommodate students’ study schedules, Asian Library will be open extended hours on Fridays during the examination period:

December 9 : 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
December 16 : 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Please also visit Hours and Locations to check out the open hours of different library branches.

Don’t walk alone if you travel late at night after study. Call Safewalk at 604-822-5355! This is a free service that provides a co-ed team of walkers to accompany you to your destination on campus.

Asian-Language Book Club Events Recap

The Asian Library joined forces with UBC Alumni to successfully launch two Asian-language book clubs this fall! Each book club offered a “meet and greet” session followed by a book discussion about a month later.

Chinese Language Book Club

Featuring Dr. Laifong Leung’s new book History of Literary Interactions between China and Canada 《中外文學交流史 中國-加拿大卷》, the Chinese Language Book Club attracted a wide range of people including UBC staff and student participants, writers from mainland China and Hong Kong, and a local media worker.  During the first session on October 24, Dr. Leung gave a fascinating introduction about how her unique life experiences inspired her to write about a topic that was barely touched by other scholars before. In the second event, attendees engaged in an in-depth discussion by sharing their thoughts and opinions after reading the book chapters.  Crystal Yin, Chinese Language Librarian, indicated that the book club events initiated a thorough exchange of views on the 160-year long history of literary interaction between China and Canada.

Chinese book club  Chinese book club

Japanese Language Book Club

The Japanese Language Book Club kicked off on October 25 with a full house of 20 attendees. The event sold out, attracting a diverse range of participants that included those from the Japanese Canadian community, native speakers, language learners (undergraduate, graduate, alumni), language instructors, UBC staff members, and Japanese exchange students. The book chosen was Murakami Haruki’s short story Nemuri ねむり. Murakami is one of the most popular Japanese writers whose works have been translated into many languages. Kazuhiko Imai, a UBC Asian Studies MA student and facilitator, fostered a stimulating discussion through interactive small group activities in both sessions. For instance, he used the book’s imaginative illustrations as an entry point to create an atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable sharing their thoughts. Community members were also introduced to the Asian Library in a tour led by Naoko Kato, Japanese Language Librarian.

Japanese book club  Japanese book club

The book club events opened up a perfect opportunity for alumni, current students, and other interested community members with advanced fluency in Chinese or Japanese, to form ties with others in their respective literary communities. Asian Library plans to hold similar events in these and other Asian languages in the future.

New art exhibit: The Reflections of Seasons

Date: October 28, 2016 to January 4, 2017
Hours: Same as the Asian Library open hours (see hours here)
Location: Asian Centre Foyer (1871 West Mall) (map)

Foggy winter

Foggy winter

The Reflections of Seasons  (四季 -— 镜像) is an artistic idea based on the changes of twenty four solar terms in Asian lunar calendar through a year. A solar term is any of 24 points in traditional East Asian lunar calendars that matches a particular astronomical event and signifies some natural phenomenon of the year.  Solar terms originated in China, later, spread to Korea, Vietnam and Japan.

Vancouver-based artist and writer Sophi Liang will contribute a series of two-dimensional art work respectively in relation to the four seasons. Art forms and mediums in presentation are free of restrictions.  Each piece of art work is accompanied by a poem, written in both English and Chinese and based on the natural circle of the four seasons. The artist uses poems to interpret nature, to make tangibles poetic, to explore the possibilities within the unpredictable fate of life.

Summer night

Summer night

There are two pairs of relationships in this mini-exhibition: part 1 – the melody of winter and summer; part 2 – the rhythm of autumn and spring.  Winter and summer stand back to back as a pair of mirrors that one reflects the other; and they represent the changes and fluctuations of life. Spring and autumn are acting as a pair of gears: one is to fertilize the seeds and the other is to harvest the fruits. Seasons reflect each other like reflections of mirrors. They lean to each other to survive.

Love, betrayal, like, and hate form important elements of our life. Like all the seasons, all the years, life has its running circles; it has its own orbit and pace which we cannot control but to follow. The balance within the nature is as important as it is inside human mind; the inner logic of the opposite pair expresses the inner logic of the universe.

Please click here for the Artist Statement.

About the Artist: Sophi Liang

Sophi Liang is an active Chinese-Canadian writer, media artist, and filmmaker. She experiments in various art forms and has participated in a number of exhibitions both solo and collective in China and Canada.  She focuses on different themes; however, nature has always been a driving power in both her visual art and writing practices.


Living Library Pilot

Date: Thursday November 3, 2016
Time: 6:00-7:30 pm
Place: UBC Asian Centre (1871 West Mall) (map)
Co-hosts: UBC Asian Library and  Pacific Canada Heritage Centre – Museum of Migration
Admission: Free, but please register.


A Living Library Program makes people—rather than books—available for checkout. In the Asian Library context, such a program would provide a space for distinguished individuals who have Asia-related experiences or backgrounds to make connections with students and community members. The overall theme of the program is to raise awareness of diverse groups and perspectives.

For our pilot event, we plan to invite 5 “human books,” as well as approximately 15“readers.” After a short introduction, each “human book” will be matched up with up to 3“readers” for a 20 minute discussion. Topics will vary depending on the questions from the readers. After approximately 50 minutes of introduction and discussion, all participants will gather for mingling and snacks. Discussions may take place in English or Asian languages, depending on the language proficiency of those participating in the discussions.

This program will provide library participants with the opportunity to gain a greater and deeper understanding of the Asian culture and social diversity within Canada. It will serve as a venue to learn, exchange ideas, and forge new connections with those in the community as well as those in the university.


Simon Choa Johnston

Simon JohnstonBorn and raised in Hong Kong, Simon was educated in Canada at McMaster University ‘72. He did post graduate theatre studies in New York, worked as an artistic director, director and award winning playwright. He is Gateway Theatre’s Artistic Director Emeritus in Richmond B.C. and lives in South Surrey, B.C. Canada.

Simon is the author of numerous plays produced and published in Canada. He won Theatre BC’s National Playwrights prize, the City of Richmond’s Cultural Leadership Award, McMaster University’s Alumni Gallery and is the Gateway Theatre’s Artistic Director Emeritus. He was born and raised in Hong Kong then immigrated to Canada where he graduated from McMaster University. After postgraduate studies in New York he returned to Ontario and has worked continuously in Canadian theatres as an artistic director, director and playwright. Simon lives in South Surrey, B.C. The House of Wives is his latest novel.

Jeongeun Park

Jeongeun is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of British Columbia. She earned her MA in Religious Studies at the University of Alberta in 2008. She received her PhD in Asian Studies from the University of British Columbia in 2016. Her PhD dissertation entitled “Clerical Marriage and Buddhist Modernity in Early Twentieth-Century Korea” showed that the practice of clerical marriage among Korean monks during the Japanese colonial period was a phenomenon of Buddhist modernity. Her recent research focuses on Buddhism and violence during the Buddhist Purification Movement in South Korea.

Alejandro Yoshizawa

Al Yoshizawa is a filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada. From 2010 until the end of 2012, he was the lead filmmaker of the web series Chinese Canadian Stories, which was nominated for a 2013 Leo Award for best web series. Since 2014, Alejandro has been the Roger’s Teaching Fellow in the Department of Theatre and Film at the University of British Columbia, and in 2017 will teach a new course in Asian Canadian and Asian Migration (ACAM) studies called ACAM 350: Asian Canadian Community Media. His most recent film, All Our Father’s Relations (2016), seeks to uncover the interconnected histories of Chinese Canadian and First Nations in British Columbia, through the story of the Grant family of Musqueam.

Danvic Briones

danvic-briones blogpostDanvic Briones has pursued his passion in painting and took up Fine Arts in college. A member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, his works – part-woodcarving, part-oil painting, part-representation of his realities – have been exhibited in New York, California, British Columbia and the Philippines.  Also an entrepreneur, Briones used his artistic skills and his experiences in growing up in a typhoon- and disaster-stricken country to design the Rescue72 Vest, an emergency preparedness vest that is a flotation device with bags or implements that can help a person float and survive for at least 72 hours. Briones was also a college lecturer teaching graphic design, desktop publishing, design concepts and arts foundation at the De la Salle College of St. Benilde. He is Filipino Youth and Outreach Worker for S.U.C.C.E.S.S. and is currently managing Art Centrum, an art space which features an art gallery and offers art classes in Richmond.

Living Library Pilot

A New Donation: Guangzhou Encyclopedia 廣州大典

guangzhou-dadian_verticleThe Sun Yat-sen Library of Guangdong Province has donated the 《廣州大典》 Guangzhou Da Dian  (Guangzhou Encyclopedia), a set that includes 520 volumes of Chinese classical works to the UBC Asian Library. Please refer to the library catalogue and the table of content for more details.

Compiled for approximately 10 years and published in the April of 2015, 《廣州大典》 Guangzhou Da Dian (Guangzhou Encyclopedia) is a collection of classical writings composed in Guangzhou, by writers of Guangzhou, or about Guangzhou. This collection includes 4,064 titles from the Zhongshan Library in Guangzhou and other libraries at home and abroad. All the titles are classified in five branches: Jing bu (經部 Classics), Shi Bu (Histories 史部), Zi Bu (Philosophy 子部), Ji Bu (Literature 集部) and Cong Bu (Collectanae 叢部).

Jing Bu refers to the Confucian canon plus works on textual criticism and philology. Some very famous classical series, such as Huang Qing Jing Jie (皇清經解 Exegesis of the Confucian classics of the Grand Qing), are included in this branch. Shi bu includes plenty of local gazetteers, maps and other geographical records of Guangzhou, as well as a variety of travel notes about Guangzhou. Among them, records on the Maritime Silk Road are the most attractive, especially for scholars who are interested in maritime culture. Philosophical works and literature by celebrates of Guangzhou from the Jin (265-420) dynasty to the Qing (1644-1911) dynasty are compiled in Zi Bu and Ji Bu. Cong Bu was chronologically first compiled, including Guang Ya Cong Shu (廣雅叢書Series of Guangya press), Xue Hai Tang Cong Ke (學海堂叢刻) and other well-known series compiled in Guangzhou in the past. The Hai Shan Xian Guan Cong Shu (海山仙館叢書 Collectanae compiled in the Hai Shan Xian Guan), in Cong Bu, has lots of works on western mathematics, geometry, astronomy, etc., by Jesuit missionaries, such as Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) and Johann Adam Schall von Bell (1592-1666), which supply a very good platform for us to know the cross-cultural encounters between China and the West in late imperial China. Guangzhou Da Dian is considered as the most completed collection of materials on Guangzhou’s history and culture.

For more information about this donation, please contact Chinese Language Librarian Crystal Yin (



Asian-Language Book Clubs

The UBC Asian Library in partnership with Alumni UBC will be offering two Asian-language book clubs (in Japanese and Chinese) in October/November this year:

Chinese-Language Book Club

lfleung book clubSession 1: Meet & Greet – Monday October 24, 7:00-8:30 pm
Session 2: Discussion – Monday November 21, 7:00-9:00 pm
Both sessions are held at room 604, Asian Centre (1871 West Mall) (map)

The Chinese-language book club will be on 《中外文學交流史 中國-加拿大卷》 (History of Literary Interactions between China and Canada). The book’s author Dr. Laifong Leung (梁麗芳), who is herself a graduate of UBC’s Asian Studies Department, will lead the discussion. This will be of particular interest to graduates keen on interacting in the Chinese language with the rich Chinese literary community in Vancouver. READ MORE…

Cost: $10 per person (including a copy of the book and light refreshments at both sessions)

Questions? Please contact Chinese Language Librarian Crystal Yin at



Japanese-Language Book Club

Session 1: Meet & Greet – Tuesday October 25, 7:00-8:30 pm
Session 2: Discussion – Tuesday November 22, 7:00-9:00 pm
Both sessions are held at room 604, Asian Centre (1871 West Mall) (map)

nemuri jpnbookclubThe Japanese-language book club will feature ねむり Nemuri by Murakami Haruki (村上春樹), a fictional work accompanied by interpretive illustrations by a German artist Kat Menschik. UBC Asian Studies MA student Kazuhiko Imai will be facilitating. This is a perfect match for UBC graduates with advanced Japanese-language skills who want to connect with other grads and community members while enjoying Japanese literature. READ MORE…

Cost: $10 per person (including a copy of the book and light refreshments at both sessions)

Questions? Please contact Japanese Language Librarian Naoko Kato at


New evening hours in the winter session

clockPlease note that Asian Library has shortened its evening open hours in the winter session (September to April). The new hours are:

Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-7:00pm
Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday: 12:00 noon-5:00pm
Sunday and holidays: Closed

Please contact us at if you have any concerns and questions about the changes in our opening hours.


Meet Shirin Eshghi, Head of Asian Library

Art and Cultural Exhibition Spaces

Book Exhibit: Chinese Association Publications in British Columbia

Yushan publicationDate: July 6 to September 20, 2016 [hours]
Location: Asian Library (Upper Floor)

Since the influx of Chinese immigrants to British Columbia in the mid-19th century, different types of Chinese associations have been founded, including fraternal associations, community-wide associations, locality associations, and clan associations, etc.  In the early days, these associations provided mutual aid and social services to their members while resolving the community’s internal disputes and dealing with external pressures of discrimination and segregation.  The Chinese who came after the Second World War and especially the introduction of Point System in 1967 were largely different socially and occupationally from their predecessors. The role of traditional Chinese associations therefore declined and new community-based organizations offering immigrant services emerged.

This book exhibit showcases publications of Chinese associations in B.C., focusing primarily on publications by associations formed in the early 20th century.  These are titles collected at the UBC Asian Library, including items donated by Xiaru Wu (伍俠儒), Alex Chan, as well as titles selected from the Bick Lee (李日如) Collection, Foon Sien Wong (黃文甫) Collection, and the Wallace Chung (蔣北扶) Collection. All these publications are valuable and important records of the Chinese Canadian history.

Lee Assn publicationCBA publication

“The Hidden Treasures” – Chinese Rare & Special Collections at Asian Library

zhi yan zhai Date: June 13 to September 30, 2016 (hours)
Location: UBC Asian Centre Foyer (1871 West Mall, Vancouver)

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Asian Library has the largest Chinese collection in Western Canada. For decades, it has served the needs of local and international students, faculty and scholars. It features a rich collection of ancient Chinese language materials that are not fully described, including many books, manuscripts and hand-written copies from Ming  Dynasty. For more information about the Chinese Rare and Special collections at the UBC Asian Library, please visit

During the past few years, the library has invested considerable resources in digitizing and cataloguing Chinese ancient rare books. Funded by Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) and Mellon Foundation, the library is gradually revealing the previously hidden rare collections at UBC, so that they can be accessible to scholars worldwide. For more information about the CLIR Hidden Collection Project, please visit

Han wei liu chaoFor this exhibition, we selected 14 Chinese rare books from our collection, including books about Chinese classical literature, politics, philosophy, history, geography, and art.  These rare titles are all important works in the field of Chinese studies. The display brochure can be viewed here.

By preparing this exhibit, we are hoping to invite more students and scholars to use our distinguished Chinese rare collection. We welcome your comments to preserve and promote these Chinese heritage treasures.

Please contact the Chinese Language Librarian Crystal Yin ( with any questions or thoughts.

Family History with a Smartphone: Community Showcase

Korean Language Resources Guide

Family History with a Smartphone

Do you have an elder in your family who has stories to tell but few members of the family have heard them? Would you like to learn how to record and preserve the stories of struggle and triumph of your parents or grandparents for your own children and grandchildren to know?

In partnership with the Asian Library, the Pacific Canada Heritage Centre is offering a two-part workshop in April and May. Learn how stories are gathered, and how the histories of Asian migrants to British Columbia and Canada can be exhibited as an heirloom for generations to come.

For more information, please visit

PCHC’s “Family History with a Smartphone” workshop series is a part of explorASIAN 2016, a month-long festival of Vancouver Asian Heritage.



Asian Centre Book Art Installation

Naomi KasumiFrom March 15 to May 31 visitors to the Asian Centre will encounter a new exhibit by Naomi Kasumi. Naomi Kasumi is an artist-scholar based in Seattle whose work extends to book art, printmaking, video, and graphics. The artist was asked to install a book-related piece as part of a research roundtable organized by Christina Laffin and Jinhua Chen.

The work, “MEM: memory • memorial no. 7 scriptorium,” consists of 8 tapestry-like books with 8 stories. Each panel creates a book out of 108 encaustic cards embedded with Japanese sutra calligraphy, digital images, Xerox images, personal writings, maple leaves, plants, and butterfly wings.

The books were coloured with natural tea dye and bee’s wax. In order to produce the pages in the book, the artist collected nearly 3,000 used tea bags over several years. After layering the variously hued tea bag “papers” into one page, she used white cotton thread to bind the pages together using over 5,000 stitches and knots. (click here for the artist’s statement)


The organizers invite everyone to join us for an introduction to Naomi Kasumi and her work when the installation opens on March 15 at 4:30 pm in the Asian Centre lobby.

This exhibition is a part of the Conference, East Asian Manuscript and Print as Harbingers of the
Digital Future.  The installation was made possible thanks to the support of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and the Peking University Institute for the Study of Buddhist Texts and Arts, and through collaboration with the UBC Centre for Japanese Research, Department of Asian Studies, and the Asian Library.

MEM no.7

Korean Folk Tale Book Illustration Exhibition

Korean Folk Tale1
UBC Asian Library holds more than 100 Korean folk tale books and children’s literature. Out of these items, ten illustrated books have been selected to celebrate and promote the art of Korean children’s book illustration to students, faculty, and local community members. Come and view the amazing illustrations and don’t forget to check out our fantastic folk tale collection! The display will be on until April 30th.

Books In Display

거울속에 누구요? (Kŏul sok e nuguyo?)
조경숙 (Cho Kyŏng-suk); Illustrated by윤정주 (Yun Chŏng-ju)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C46 2009

며느리 방귀 복 방귀 (Myŏnuri panggwi pok panggwi)
조호상 (Cho Ho-sang); Illustrated by오승민 (O Sŭng-min)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C465 2009

닷발 늘어져라 (Tat pal nŭrŏ chyŏra)
권정생 (Kwŏn Chŏng-saeng); Illustrated by김용철 (Kim Yong-chʻŏl)
Call #: PZ50.541 .K9 Ta 2009

Korean Folk Tale Book Illustration도깨비와 범벅장수 (Tokkaebi wa pŏmbŏk changsu)
이상교 (Yi Sang-gyo); Illustrated by한병호 (Han Pyŏng-ho)
Call #: PZ50.541 .Y3 2005

타러 총각  (Pok t’arŏ kan ch’onggak)
장철문 (Chang Ch’ŏl-mun); Illustrated by최용호 (Ch’oe Yong-ho)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C42 Po 2013

심청전 (Sim Ch’ŏng chŏn)
장철문 (Chang Ch’ŏl-mun); Illustrated by윤정주 (Yun Chŏng-ju)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C42 Si 2003

양반전 외 (Yangbanjŏn oe)
장철문 (Chang Ch’ŏl-mun); Illustrated by이현미 (Yi Hyŏn-mi)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C42 Ya 2004

호랑이와 곶감 (Horangi wa kotkam)
위기철 (Wi Ki-chʻŏl); Illustrated by김환영 (Kim Hwan-yŏng)
Call #: PZ50.541 .W5 2004

혹부리 할아버지 (Hokpuri harabŏji)
송언 (Song Ŏn); Illustrated by 이형진 (Yi Hyŏng-jin)
Call #: PZ50.541 .S67 2008

이야기 (Hŭin chwi iyagi)
장철문 (Chang Ch’ŏl-mun); Illustrated by윤미숙 (Yun Mi-suk)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C43 Hu 2006

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Asian Library!

The Year of the Monkey is coming! Come and celebrate with the Asian Library!

Friday, February 5
1:00-5:00pm @ the AMS Nest (6133 University Boulevard) (map)

Join the Asian Library and other campus partners at the UBC Centennial Lunar New Year Festival,  an intercultural celebration of Lunar New Year traditions, for all members of the UBC community. Visit our booth in the agora, check out the Lunar New Year books, get a pocket of luck, play games, win prizes, and learn how different Asian countries celebrate the Lunar New Year!

For more information about the Centennial Lunar New Year Festival, please visit

Tuesday to Friday, February 9-12
9:00am – 5:00pm @ the Asian Centre/Library
There will be a Lunar New Year display and delicious food sampling of traditional snacks at the library circulation.  Visitors to the Asian Library may receive a pocket of luck!

Lunar New Year Poster

Japanese Rare Books Workshop

The UBC Department of Asian Studies, Asian Library, Rare Books and Special Collections, Centre for Japanese Research, Peking University Institute for the Study of Buddhist Texts and Arts, and the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies invite you to a workshop on the history and handling of Japanese rare books.

Instructed by Professor Takahiro Sasaki from the Keio University Institute of Oriental Classics, this workshop is a rare opportunity to view, handle, and learn about Japanese materials from the ancient period to the present.

Date: Friday, February 5th, 2016
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Place: Lillooet Room (Room 301), Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (1961 East Mall) (map)

Please register with Professor Christina Laffin at by January 25, 2016.

Jpn Rare Books Workshop

GAA Reference Hours


Other than the regular reference hours (i.e. Monday to Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.), Asian Library will have Graduate Academic Assistant (GAA) manning our Reference Desk during the peak time from Monday to Thursday. They can help patrons in their own language areas while answering basic to intermediate reference questions in general. Welcome to drop by and talk to one of our GAAs!

Day Hours Language Coverage
Monday 1-3 p.m. Chinese
Tuesday 1-3 p.m. Japanese
Wednesday 1-3 p.m. Korean
Thursday 1-3 p.m. Indic languages

These new GAA reference hours will run from January 18 to April 1, 2016 in term II.

Vast Ocean, Vast Heaven: A multi-site exhibition on Nitobe Memorial Garden

Nitobe Memorial Garden in snowNitobe Memorial Garden exhibition at Asian Centre Join CAUSA (Collective for the Advanced and Unified Studies in the Visual Arts) for this multi-site exhibition – Nitobe Memorial Garden: Vast Ocean, Vast Heaven from December 3, 2015  to January 31, 2016 at the Asian Centre/Library, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and Rare Books and Special Collections.

Upcoming events:

Japan and the Cinema
a CAUSA / UBC Film Society collaboration at Norman Bouchard Memorial Theatre, 6138 Student Union Boulevard (map)
• Saturday January 16th 7:00 pm: HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR (Alain Resnais, 1959)
• Saturday January 16th 9:00 pm: FLOATING WEEDS (Yasujiro Ozu, 1959)
• Sunday January 24th 7:00 pm: DOUBLE SUICIDE (Masahiro Shinoda, 1969)

Past Event:

A One-Day Symposium
Date: Saturday, January 9th, 2016
Time: 10am – 12:30pm & 1:30pm – 4pm
Place: UBC Irving K. Barber Learning Centre – Lillooet Room

Speakers: CAUSA Research Curators in association with:
• Adrian Archambault, cultural studies archivist
• Donald Luxton, architectural heritage consultant and advocate
• Bryan Mulvihill, tea ceremony educator, Urasenke Foundation of Vancouver
• Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, landscape architect
• Terence Russell, Asian Studies Centre, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
• Ryo Sugiyama, curator, Nitobe Memorial Garden, University of British Columbia

Two Lectures hosted by CAUSA in association with the Asian Library
Date: Saturday, January 23rd, 2016
Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Place: Asian Centre Auditorium, 1871 West Mall (map)

  1. “Design of Kurimoto Japanese Garden – University of Alberta,” by Isao Nakase, Director General, Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo, Japan
  2. “Garden of Enlightenment of Tohoku,” by Koichi Kobayashi, Landscape Architect; Visiting Research Fellow, University of Hyogo, Japan

For more information visit or email

Asian Library Holiday Hours

Asian Library christmas 2015Asian Library’s opening hours during the Christmas and New Year holidays:

December 21 (Mon): 9am to 8pm
December 22-23 (Tue-Wed): 9am to 5pm
December 24 (Thu): 9am to 3pm
December 25 – January 3 (Fri-Sun): closed

We will resume our regular hours on Monday, January 4, 2016. Check out more at hours and locations.

The Korea Foundation’s 2016 Support for Korean Studies e-Resources Program

The Asian Library is pleased to announce that, after submitting an application in July 2015, the Library has just been approved to receive the Korea Foundation’s 2016 Support for Korean Studies e-Resources program, which provides US$4,000 in funding assistance for subscriptions to Korean e-resources.  With this generous grant from the Foundation, the Library will be able to continue to subscribe to the vital electronic databases for Korean Studies.

Asian Library Extended Open Hours During Exams

To accommodate students’ study schedules, Asian Library will be open extended hours on Fridays during the examination period:

December 11: 9am – 8pm
December 18: 9am – 8pm

Please also visit Hours and Locations to check out the open hours of different library branches.

Don’t walk alone if you travel late at night after study. Call Safewalk at 604-822-5355! This is a free service that provides a co-ed team of walkers to accompany you to your destination on campus.


Be a part of the UBC Centennial Lunar New Year Festival!

LNY Community Call-out

Join us in February 2016 when UBC celebrates the Year of the Monkey in grand style. The UBC Centennial Lunar New Year Festival is a great opportunity for the UBC community to get involved in one of the campus’ largest cultural events.

UBC Centennial Lunar New Year Festival
Date: Friday, February 5, 2016
Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Place: AMS Nest

You can help make the Festival a success! We are looking for volunteers, performers and information booths.
Sign up at

The Festival brings together the UBC community to celebrate a significant time of the year for many students, faculty and staff of Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese heritage. You are invited to share in the excitement of Lunar New Year with interactive, educational and fun cultural activities for people of all ages. The Festival is free, family-friendly and accessible.

Asian Library partnership for Korean materials

LTI of Korea

The Asian Library is pleased to announce that UBC Library has been selected to be in the Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea)’s Hub Library Membership Program to receive translated Korean literature and resources for research and education.  We are expecting to receive the materials from January 2016.  The LTI Korea was established by the Korean government to introduce Korean literature abroad.  The resources will greatly support the Korean literature and literary translation program at UBC.

Asian Library Fall Update 2015

Asian Library Fall Update 2015 – click here for the pdf version.

Asian LIbrary fall update


Great Reads for the Holidays

Click here to view the photos of the event!

Great Reads for the Holiday

Date: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Asian Centre 1871 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

Great Reads at UBC Library was launched in 2011 to provide leisure-reading to community members, students, faculty, and staff. In fall 2015, the Asian Library began building the Great Reads Collection. Now, we have our own collection in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Indic available at the Asian Library!

UBC Asian Library will hold a Great Reads for the Holidays event where students, faculty, staff, and community members can come and enjoy refreshments, win prizes, read and borrow Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Punjabi Great reads, and chat with the librarians.

Great Reads collection available at the Asian Library:

Cong Deng Xiaoping dao Xi Jinping ・從鄧小平到習近平
Chu ban quan quan meng ・出版圈圈夢
…and more

Nō gēmu nō raifu ・ノーゲーム ノーライフ
Toshokan sensō・図書館戦争
Tora dora! ・とらドラ!
…and more

Ewa nā jīwiā jāe: nāwala
Eka aura ummīdavāra
Darda kā samandara
…and more

Misaeng ・미생
Ikki ・이끼
Pain ・파인
Yahu ・야후

For the full list please visit and select Asian Library as the location.

Visit of Prof. Nobuyoshi Takashima

Japanese historian, educator and textbook author Takashima Nobuyoshi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Ryukyus, visited the Asian Library on October 15, prior to his special lecture at the C.K.Choi Building. He made a valuable donation of 12 volumes of Nihon no ronten (Thank you for completing our collection!), along with his wife (Takashima Michi)’s donation of Japan’s middle school history textbook.

During his visit, Professor Takashima viewed the Hayashi Rintaro collection from the Japanese Canadian Research Collection stored at the UBC Rare Books and Special Collections. Mr. Hayashi Rintaro, the namesake of the collection, was a student of Professor Takashima’s father Takashima Nobutaro, who was the first principal of the Steveston Japanese School from 1911 to 1921. Professor Takashima was very glad to find his father among the many photographs in the Hayashi Collection.

Professor Takashima is going to give a talk at Towards Reconciliation: The 70th Anniversary of the End of the WWII in the Asia-Pacific on Saturday, October 17. For more information visit:

Nobuyoshi & Michi

Prof. Nobuyoshi at Asian Library

 Prof. Nobuyoshi

New North Korean Film collection

NK film

Nk film

NK film






The Asian Library recently acquired a comprehensive North Korean film collection with the generous funding support from the UBC Centre for Korean Research.  In the format of DVDs, the collection holds films produced in each decade of the 20th century since the 1960s, all the way through the 21st century. This film collection will provide another angle into the mysterious country people seem to fear and misunderstand in equal measure.

Please click here for the collection brochure.

You can also check out the full title list of films here.


New GAA Reference Hours


Starting from October 5, other than the regular reference hours (i.e. Monday to Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.), Asian Library will have Graduate Academic Assistant (GAA) manning our Reference Desk during the peak time from Monday to Thursday. They can help patrons in their own language areas while answering basic to intermediate reference questions in general. Welcome to drop by and talk to one of our GAAs!

Day Hours Language Coverage
Monday 1-3 p.m. Indic languages
Tuesday 1-3 p.m. Korean
Wednesday 1-3 p.m. Chinese
Thursday 1-3 p.m. Japanese

This new GAA reference hours will run from October 5 to December 4, 2015 in term I and from January 18 to April 11, 2016 in term II.

Asian Library New Food & Drink Policy


Effective immediately, no food is being consumed in any public area in the Asian Library.

To ensure the protection and preservation of library collections, and to provide a comfortable and clean environment for studying, Asian Library enforces a new and strict food and drink policy starting from September 18, 2015. Under the new policy, library users may not eat in any public space inside the library. They may drink from closed, spill-proof containers.

Library staff or workers will request those who do not respect this policy to dispose of food and beverages (in unapproved containers). Please store, out of sight, any food and drinks intended for later consumption elsewhere.

Recycling, green and garbage bins can be found in the Asian Centre foyer. Please sort out and deposit your recyclable beverage containers and food scrap into the appropriate bin.


Not Acceptable
Drinks that are in spill-proof containers Food, including candy and snacks
Open drink containers, including pop cans, juice boxes, and milk cartons

Thank you for the cooperation.

A Tang Painting Scene Reconstructed 重構唐人宮樂圖

Tang music displayCome check out the new displays “A Tang Painting Scene Reconstructed” (重構唐人宮樂圖) and “History through Quipai” (曲牌) at the Asian Centre foyer and Asian Library upper floor.

Curated by Alan Lau and Sophi Liang, “A Tang Painting Scene Reconstructed” is a three-dimensional contemporary “reconstruction” of a famous painting which depicts palace music making during the late Tang dynasty. The display project is a collaboration between the UBC Asian Library and the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver Museum, with instruments generously loaned by Dr. Alan Thrasher, Professor Emeritus of the UBC School of Music, and Chinese calligraphy created by Mr. Yim Tse.

In “History through Qupai”, Alan Lau has created a display/semi-installation which traces the history of Chinese music by focusing on a form of music called qupai, through its inception during the Tang dynasty (618-907AD) to the present time.

The displays are now on until November 21, 2015.

Qupai display Qupai displayQupai displayTang music


Changes in Japanese reference support

Japanese Collection

Our Japanese Librarian Shirin Eshghi is on leave for the year of 2015. We regret that support for Japanese language related questions will be available for only so many hours per week. Please note that the expected wait time for requests will also increase.

 Please direct your reference related questions to Yoonkyung Kim at: Questions on walk-in basis and appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am to 3pm.

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