The Meiji at 150 Project

The 2017-2018 Academic Year sees the 150th anniversary of Japan’s 1868 Meiji Restoration, an epochal political revolution that sparked Japan’s remarkable modernization, dramatic cultural transformation, and rapid emergence onto the global stage. At UBC, the Asian Library is working together with the Centre for Japanese Research, the Department of History, and the Department of Asian […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Nov 30, 2017)

CHINESE-LANGUAGE MATERIALS PL2872 F364 W36 2016 望春风 / 格非著 PL2892.5 A69 E77 2016 二十六篇 : 和青年朋友谈心 / 钱理群著 PL2932 A634 B35 2016 百年童话 = Life magic / 曹建伟作品 PL2947.5 L773265 W67 2016 我所理解的世界 = The world comprehend / 闾丘露薇著 PL2951.5 Y8 R87 2017 入诗為安 : 一首不可能譯成任何文字的詩 / 歐陽昱著 PL3748 P35 T35125 2016 塔洛 / 万玛才旦著 […]

Explore the Asian Library’s New Chinese DVD titles

Asian Library has recently acquired over 60 Chinese DVDs from the following series: “A Century of Chinese classic movies” (中国电影百年经典) and “Follow me in Chinese” (跟我学汉语).  Most of them were originally produced from 1950s to 1990s and have both English and Chinese subtitles.  Listed below are some of the examples. Please come and browse these […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Nov 15, 2017)

KOREAN-LANGUAGE MATERIALS DS731.K6 K356 2017 간도 의 기억 : 일본 제국 의 대륙 침략 과 조선인 의 항쟁 / 엮은이 박 환 DS915.572 H68 2017 v.1-9 영상, 역사 를 비추다 : 한국 현대사 영상 자료 해제집 / 허 은 편 G2334.S478 Y48 2017 옛 서울 지도 = Maps of old Seoul / 총괄 송 인호, […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Oct 31, 2017)

CHINESE-LANGUAGE MATERIALS CD6177 W354 2016 民国公务印章图说 / 翟玉霞主编 ; 王俊明著 DS777.5314 Z468 2016 战殇 : 国民革命军抗战将士口述实录 / 周渝著 N7345 X8 2016 非艺术 : 国际视野下的中国当代艺术 / 徐琛著 PL2754 S5 Z594693 2016 灯火 : 鲁迅与文艺 / 上海鲁迅纪念馆编 PL2849 U64 B39 2016 八月蝴蝶黄 : 裘山山短篇小说选 / 裘山山著 PL2931.5 I24 J84 20164 绝响 / 畀愚著 PL2947.5 U7758 N36 2016 […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Oct 16, 2017)

INDIC-LANGUAGE MATERIALS PK2099.32 A83 V37 2016 Vāṭsa epa para kṛāṇti : kahānī-saṅgraha / Anurāga Pāṭhaka PK2099.34 S64 W43 2016 Whatsapp: riśte-nātoṃ kī kahāniyām̐ / Raśmi PK2199 H338 A54 2016 Kālī salavāra aura aṇya kahāniyām̐ / Saādata Hasana Maṇto. PK2199 H338 Z46 2016 Saādata Hasena Manṭo kī kahāniyām̐ / sampādaka, Narendra Mohana KOREAN-LANGUAGE MATERIALS DS916.27 C453 […]

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