New art exhibit: The Reflections of Seasons

Date: October 28, 2016 to January 4, 2017
Hours: Same as the Asian Library open hours (see hours here)
Location: Asian Centre Foyer (1871 West Mall) (map)

Foggy winter

Foggy winter

The Reflections of Seasons  (四季 -— 镜像) is an artistic idea based on the changes of twenty four solar terms in Asian lunar calendar through a year. A solar term is any of 24 points in traditional East Asian lunar calendars that matches a particular astronomical event and signifies some natural phenomenon of the year.  Solar terms originated in China, later, spread to Korea, Vietnam and Japan.

Vancouver-based artist and writer Sophi Liang will contribute a series of two-dimensional art work respectively in relation to the four seasons. Art forms and mediums in presentation are free of restrictions.  Each piece of art work is accompanied by a poem, written in both English and Chinese and based on the natural circle of the four seasons. The artist uses poems to interpret nature, to make tangibles poetic, to explore the possibilities within the unpredictable fate of life.

Summer night

Summer night

There are two pairs of relationships in this mini-exhibition: part 1 – the melody of winter and summer; part 2 – the rhythm of autumn and spring.  Winter and summer stand back to back as a pair of mirrors that one reflects the other; and they represent the changes and fluctuations of life. Spring and autumn are acting as a pair of gears: one is to fertilize the seeds and the other is to harvest the fruits. Seasons reflect each other like reflections of mirrors. They lean to each other to survive.

Love, betrayal, like, and hate form important elements of our life. Like all the seasons, all the years, life has its running circles; it has its own orbit and pace which we cannot control but to follow. The balance within the nature is as important as it is inside human mind; the inner logic of the opposite pair expresses the inner logic of the universe.

Please click here for the Artist Statement.

About the Artist: Sophi Liang

Sophi Liang is an active Chinese-Canadian writer, media artist, and filmmaker. She experiments in various art forms and has participated in a number of exhibitions both solo and collective in China and Canada.  She focuses on different themes; however, nature has always been a driving power in both her visual art and writing practices.


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