Beautiful China Photo Exhibition

Grassland in Xinjiang

Grassland in Xinjiang

A beautiful China is defined by all kinds of beautiful elements: green mountains, peaceful lakes, harmony between man and nature, eco-friendly consciousness in urban planning and development, smile on faces,  happiness in heart…….you can now explore more through the lens of the photographers in China.

Co-presented by the Asian Library and the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China, “Beautiful China” photo exhibition highlights more than 20 colourful pictures that bring you to different regions of China and experience the beauty of the country.  This exhibition is hosted under the theme “Spring Festival Culture in the Library”.  Come check it out between February 7 to March 17 at the foyer of Asian Centre.

“Beautiful China” is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and presented by the Centre of International Cultural Exchange.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year

绿水青山的自然之美,均衡发展的和谐之美,与时俱进的创造之美, 追求幸福的心灵之美, 正是这色彩斑斓的美, 描绘出一幅幅美丽中国的图景, 现在你可以透过摄影师的镜头去捕捉体会和发掘。

由卑诗大学亚洲图书馆及中华人民共和国驻温哥华总领馆联合主办的”美丽中国图片展”, 展出共二十多幅由中国摄影家们拍摄的图片, 带你走遍中国大地不同地区欣赏中国之美。是次展览乃属总领馆“春节文化走进图书馆”活动,由二月七日至三月十七日在亚洲中心举行。查询请电 604.822.2427。

“美丽中国” 由中华人民共和国文化部主办, 中外文化交流中心策划。


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