Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Asian Library!

The Year of the Rooster is approaching! Join the Asian Library & the Department of Asian Studies on Friday January 27 to celebrate the Lunar New Year! It’s free and open to the public.

Library programs will be on from 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm.  There are games, food, and more. Visitors to the Asian Library may also receive a pocket of luck!

Programs organized by the Department of Asian Studies will begin at 10:30 am.  There are student and guest performances in the morning and cultural activities (e.g. calligraphy, seal engraving, lantern drawing, Mahjong and Chinese Chess) in the afternoon. They also offer lunch at $5. Click HERE for the details.


Lunar New Year Display

Visit the library upper floor for the Lunar New Year display.  Library resources about the festival will be showcased. Also learn how different Asian countries celebrate the New Year!

Food Sampling
Food always plays an important role during the Lunar New Year. Do you know that food can take on a symbolic role as a tangible gesture of goodwill for loved ones?  Visit our booth at the library entrance for food sampling of traditional snacks and we will tell you more.

Lantern riddle is a folk custom of Lantern Festival, the 15th day of the Lunar New Year.  The answer had to be guessed from a word, a poem or a phrase.   It is interesting and informative!  Come and try it out and you will receive a small gift if you get the answer correct!

Yut Nori
Yut Nori is a traditional board game played in Korea, especially during the Lunar New Year. It includes a board (malpan), 4 wooden sticks (yut) and small tokens (yunmal). Yut sticks are cast to determine how far a token can advance, and the score is determined by counting the sticks that are over, and those that are up. Join us in this game at the library entrance. It’s fun!

Scavenger Hunt
Test yourself how well you know about the Lunar New Year and the Asian Library! Prizes are waiting for you!


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