Korean Folk Tale Book Illustration Exhibition

Korean Folk Tale1
UBC Asian Library holds more than 100 Korean folk tale books and children’s literature. Out of these items, ten illustrated books have been selected to celebrate and promote the art of Korean children’s book illustration to students, faculty, and local community members. Come and view the amazing illustrations and don’t forget to check out our fantastic folk tale collection! The display will be on until April 30th.

Books In Display

거울속에 누구요? (Kŏul sok e nuguyo?)
조경숙 (Cho Kyŏng-suk); Illustrated by윤정주 (Yun Chŏng-ju)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C46 2009

며느리 방귀 복 방귀 (Myŏnuri panggwi pok panggwi)
조호상 (Cho Ho-sang); Illustrated by오승민 (O Sŭng-min)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C465 2009

닷발 늘어져라 (Tat pal nŭrŏ chyŏra)
권정생 (Kwŏn Chŏng-saeng); Illustrated by김용철 (Kim Yong-chʻŏl)
Call #: PZ50.541 .K9 Ta 2009

Korean Folk Tale Book Illustration도깨비와 범벅장수 (Tokkaebi wa pŏmbŏk changsu)
이상교 (Yi Sang-gyo); Illustrated by한병호 (Han Pyŏng-ho)
Call #: PZ50.541 .Y3 2005

타러 총각  (Pok t’arŏ kan ch’onggak)
장철문 (Chang Ch’ŏl-mun); Illustrated by최용호 (Ch’oe Yong-ho)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C42 Po 2013

심청전 (Sim Ch’ŏng chŏn)
장철문 (Chang Ch’ŏl-mun); Illustrated by윤정주 (Yun Chŏng-ju)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C42 Si 2003

양반전 외 (Yangbanjŏn oe)
장철문 (Chang Ch’ŏl-mun); Illustrated by이현미 (Yi Hyŏn-mi)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C42 Ya 2004

호랑이와 곶감 (Horangi wa kotkam)
위기철 (Wi Ki-chʻŏl); Illustrated by김환영 (Kim Hwan-yŏng)
Call #: PZ50.541 .W5 2004

혹부리 할아버지 (Hokpuri harabŏji)
송언 (Song Ŏn); Illustrated by 이형진 (Yi Hyŏng-jin)
Call #: PZ50.541 .S67 2008

이야기 (Hŭin chwi iyagi)
장철문 (Chang Ch’ŏl-mun); Illustrated by윤미숙 (Yun Mi-suk)
Call #: PZ50.541 .C43 Hu 2006

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