Chinese Rare Materials in UBC Library: focusing on Pang Jingtang Collection

The Book of Songs

The Book of Songs

UBC 圖書館珍貴的中國古文獻收藏:從龐鏡塘收藏說起

UBC 圖書館擁有異常豐富的中國古文獻收藏,吸引著世界各地的學者絡繹前往。其中最新入館的龐鏡塘藏書更以其珍貴稀見,引起學術界的高度關注。應邀前來鑒定龐鏡塘藏書的北京大學圖書館姚伯岳教授,將和UBC亞洲學系阮思德教授同臺亮相,講述龐鏡塘特藏的前世今生,介紹部分藏品的鑒定過程。聽眾將得以分享學者們的寶貴經驗,一窺中國古文獻的奧秘。

主講: 姚伯岳教授(北京大學圖書館)及 阮思德教授 (UBC亞洲學系)
日期: 二零一五年五月十九日(星期二)
時間: 下午二時三十分至四時
地點: UBC 蔡章閣樓120室 (1855 West Mall, Vancouver)

講座以中文進行, 附英文翻譯
報名及查詢: / 604-827-2760

UBC Library has an extremely rich collection of ancient Chinese literature, which has attracted a great number of scholars from around the world. Pang Jingtang Collection, one of the latest collections come to UBC Asian Library, has drawn a lot of attention from the academia because of its high value and rarity.

Professor Boyue Yao, Rare Book Librarian from Beijing University Library and Dr. Bruce Rusk from UBC Department of Asian Studies will give a lecture on Pang Jingtang Collection on May 19. They will lead you through the history of this special collection and introduce the authentication process of some of the books in the collection.

Xiong Tingbi and Yang Lian letters

Xiong Tingbi and Yang Lian letters

The audience will be able to learn the valuable experience of these two scholars and get a glimpse of the mysteries of ancient Chinese literature.

Speakers: Prof. Boyue Yao Peking University Library)&
Dr. Bruce RuskUBC Department of Asian Studies)
Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Time: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Address: Room 120, C.K. Choi Building (1855 West Mall, Vancouver)

The lecture will be in Mandarin with English translation.
Please RSVP to / 604-827-2760

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