Asian Library 60th Anniversary – Memory Archive

When celebrating the golden jubilee in 2010, the Asian Library worked together with cIRcle, UBC’s digital repository, to develop a 50th anniversary memory databank. Forty items, including presentation papers, newspaper articles, audio-visual records and historical documents, were archived for the following purposes:

  1. document the history of the development and growth of the library;
  2. preserve the photographs, documents, and memorabilia pertaining to library-related activities;
  3. document the memories of the people involved in the establishment of the library;
  4. enlighten the UBC and the wider community about the library’s services and programs.

In the middle of the 60th anniversary celebration, the Asian Library decides to restart this meaningful project by tracing and gathering materials related to the library’s development with focus put on the last decade. We will work towards to share these new items with everyone in the coming year and make it ongoing.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Akuzawa, Louise, translated by Gonnami, Tsuneharu, “UBC Asian Library Celebrates Fiftieth Anniversary“, Journal of East Asian Libraries, n.151, June 2010.
  2. UBC Asian Library orientation video, 2011.
  3. Liu, Jing, Cho, Allan, Chow, Phoebe “The Seto Collection in the UBC Asian Library: Its Usefulness to Scholars and Students“, Journal of East Asian Libraries, n.163, October 2016.






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