Haft-seen display at the Asian Centre



The Asian Library will be displaying a haft-seen table spread to celebrate Persian New Year (Norouz). The haft-seen is comprised of seven (haft) edible items that start with “seen” (س ) an “S” sounding alphabet.  Each household normally creates a decorative haft-seen and this is left up throughout the New Year season, which lasts for 13 days.

The seven main items to include on the table spread are:

Serkeh سرکه  (vinegar)
Senjed سنجد (dried lotus fruit)
Sabzeh سبزه (“greens” or sprouts grown specifically for the new year)
Siib سیب (apple)
Samanu سمنو (wheat germ paste)
Siir سیر (garlic)
Sumac سماق (a spice)

For more information on Persian New Year, see the UBC Intercultural Understanding Blog post.

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