New Books at the Asian Library (Apr 19, 2017)

Chinese-language materials BL1920 W354 2016 游刃有余 : 王蒙谈老庄 / 王蒙著 CT1826 Y36 2016 人生这一场盛宴 : 十八位民国大男人的爱恋往事 / 杨萍著 DS778 W766 W8 2016 伍修权传 / 《伍修权传》编写组著 GR335.4 H83 Z43 2016 黄陂木兰传说与风物 / 张静著 HD1698 C52 P46 2016 中国黄河史话 = The stories of China’s Yellow River / 彭镇华, 彭扬华等著 ND1040 T364 2016 中国画的写意精神 / 唐建著 P305.18 T33 […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Apr 7, 2017)

Japanese-language materials DS777.533 W37 O48 2016 「銃後」の民衆経験 : 地域における翼賛運動 / 大串潤児 DS831 R9 K57 2013 同化と他者化 : 戦後沖縄の本土就職者たち / 岸政彦著 HN730 Z9 M264 2014 街の人生 / 岸政彦 N7353 Y385 2016 ナチス・ドイツと〈帝国〉日本美術 : 歴史から消された展覧会 = Modern / 安松みゆき著 ND1053.5 K63 2016 洛中洛外図摒風 : つくられた<京都>を読み解く / 小島道裕 PN5408 O42 Y37 2016 沖縄の新聞は本当に「偏向」しているのか / 安田浩一 Z682.4 C63 T66 […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Mar 28, 2017)

Chinese-language materials CT3990 R36 R36 2016 饒學與華學 : 第二届饒宗頤與華學暨香港大學饒宗頤學術館成立十周年慶典國際學術研討會論文集 DS777.53 .Z46 2016 中国抗战大后方中间党派文献资料选编 / 杨力编 HD8708.5.C6 Z38 2016 “猪仔”华工访问录 / 刘玉遵等编 JQ1519 A5 Z4935 2015 中央革命根据地历史资料文库. 军事系统 / 中共江西省委党史研究室, 中共赣州市委党史工作办公室, 中共龙岩市委党史研究室编 PL1735 C555 2015 随身应急情景粤语 / 陈铭恩编著 PL2274.2.C3 L52 2015 中外文学交流史. 中国-加拿大卷 / 梁丽芳, 马佳, 张裕禾, 蒲雅竹著 ; 钱林森, 周宁编 PL2754.S5 Z655535 2016 恋爱中的鲁迅 : […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Mar 15, 2017)

Korean-language materials DS329.4 .K36 2015 유라시아 역사 기행 : 한반도 에서 시베리아 까지, 5천년 초원 문명 을 걷다 / 강 인욱 DS917.27 .H3654 2015 한국 의 문화 70년 / 정 진석 외 지음 DS922.42.Y64 C46 2015 청년 여 정남 과 박 정희 시대 / 여 정남 평전 편집 위원회 기획 ; 정 운현 지음 HQ18.K6 […]

New Exhibition: Double Exposure

Date: March 13 – May 31, 2017 Location: Asian Centre (1871 West Mall) (map) & Rare Books and Special Collections (1961 East Mall) (map) Hours: Same as the Asian Library and RBSC open hours (see hours) John Cooper Robinson was an Anglican missionary who lived and worked in Japan in the late nineteenth and early […]

Big Thank You to Korea Foundation!

With Korea Foundation’s US$23,000 grant to UBC Library (US$20,000: print resources, US$3,000: e-resources), the Library is able to continue support the collection development and subscribe to the vital electronic databases for Korean Studies. Asian Library subscribes to the following electronic databases: DBpia (Korean Database) This database covers over 2 million full-text articles from more than […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Feb 27, 2017)

INDIC-LANGUAGE MATERIALS DS392.2.I84 J56 2016 Calla Jindara Isalāmābāda callīe / Jindara HQ1744.P86 G87 2016 Dhīāṃ nāla jagga wasendā : wārataka : nārī sarokāra / Ḍā. Guramindara Siddhū PK2659.A52 K87 2015 Kuṛī Kaineḍā dī / Anamola Kaura PK2659.H29733 H37 2016 Hāsa wiaṅga afasāne = Stories of humour & satire / Haramohindara Siṅgha Harajī PK2659.T48 H37 2015 Hasatāk̲h̲ara […]

Most popular titles in Asian Library’s Great Reads collection

Asian Library’s Great Reads collection of leisure reading was launched in December 2015. It’s more than a year now and this year’s Great Reads items just arrived.  Some of the old titles will be moved to the regular stacks. The following books were the most frequently circulated in each language area during the past year: […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Feb 15, 2017)

Chinese-language materials BJ1533.F5 W364 2015 孝道之网 : 客家孝道的历史人类学研究 Xiao dao zhi wang : Kejia xiao dao de li shi ren lei xue yan jiu BL1945.N45 G46 2016 中国民间造神 : 内丘神码与民间信仰实践 Zhongguo min jian zao shen : Neiqiu shen ma yu min jian xin yang shi jian NA1545 .J52 2016 近代外国人在华建筑遗存的遗产化研究 Jin dai wai guo ren […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Jan 30, 2017)

Chinese-language materials DS610.63.T45 Y68 2015 父亲与我 /尤今. 马来亚敌后工作回忆录 Fu qin yu wo / Malaiya di hou gong zuo hui yi lu PL2263 .L5 2016 多元涵容的文化心态与文学思想 Duo yuan han rong de wen hua xin tai yu wen xue si xiang PL2302 .C446 2015 中国左翼文学的演进与嬗变: 1927-1937 Zhongguo zuo yi wen xue de yan jin yu shan bian […]

New books at the Asian Library (Jan 5, 2017)

Japanese-language materials DS803.K665 2016 近衞家名宝からたどる宮廷文化史 : 陽明文庫が伝える千年のみやび  Konoe-ke meihō kara tadoru kyūtei bunkashi : Yōmei Bunko ga tsutaeru sennen no miyabi N7353.5.T36 2015 江戶のバロック : 日本美術のあたらしい見かた  Edo no barokku : Nihon bijutsu no atarashii mikata HT725.J3 S56 2016 部落史入門  Burakushi nyūmon PL721.M42 F852 2016 医学書のなかの「文学」 : 江戶の医学と文学が作り上げた世界  Igakusho no naka no “bungaku” : Edo no […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Dec 21, 2016)

Chinese-language materials BJ1558.C5 C539 2015 《小学》通俗解义 “Xiao xue” tong su jie yi HF1604.Z4 A78578 2015 一带一路”建设与东盟地区的自由贸易区安排 Yi dai yi lu” jian she yu Dong meng di qu de zi you mao yi qu an pai HQ1767 .L494 2015 《纽约时报》的中国女性形象研究 (2001年-2010年)   Niuyue shibao de Zhongguo nüxing xingxiang yanjiu PL2705.I17 Z9755 2015 纪昀文学思想研究 Ji Yun wen xue […]

New Books at the Asian Library (Dec 7, 2016)

Korean-language materials B5253.C6 H66 2016 동도관 의 변화 로 본 한국 근대 철학 Tongdogwan ŭi pyŏnhwa ro pon Han’guk kŭndae ch’ŏrhak DS922.35 .Y43 2016 한국 의 시국 사건 : 1964-1987, 군인 의 시대 를 기록 하다 Han’guk ŭi siguk sakŏn : 1964-1987, kunin ŭi sidae rŭl kirok hada DS924.C475 K56 2016 정선 의 무형 문화 […]

A New Donation: Guangzhou Encyclopedia 廣州大典

The Sun Yat-sen Library of Guangdong Province has donated the 《廣州大典》 Guangzhou Da Dian  (Guangzhou Encyclopedia), a set that includes 520 volumes of Chinese classical works to the UBC Asian Library. Please refer to the library catalogue and the table of content for more details. Compiled for approximately 10 years and published in the April […]

“The Hidden Treasures” – Chinese Rare & Special Collections at Asian Library

Date: June 13 to September 30, 2016 (hours) Location: UBC Asian Centre Foyer (1871 West Mall, Vancouver) The University of British Columbia (UBC) Asian Library has the largest Chinese collection in Western Canada. For decades, it has served the needs of local and international students, faculty and scholars. It features a rich collection of ancient […]

Korean Language Resources Guide

Korean Folk Tale Book Illustration Exhibition

UBC Asian Library holds more than 100 Korean folk tale books and children’s literature. Out of these items, ten illustrated books have been selected to celebrate and promote the art of Korean children’s book illustration to students, faculty, and local community members. Come and view the amazing illustrations and don’t forget to check out our […]

The Korea Foundation’s 2016 Support for Korean Studies e-Resources Program

The Asian Library is pleased to announce that, after submitting an application in July 2015, the Library has just been approved to receive the Korea Foundation’s 2016 Support for Korean Studies e-Resources program, which provides US$4,000 in funding assistance for subscriptions to Korean e-resources.  With this generous grant from the Foundation, the Library will be […]

Asian Library partnership for Korean materials

Asian Library partnership for Korean materials

The Asian Library is pleased to announce that UBC Library has been selected to be in the Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea)’s Hub Library Membership Program to receive translated Korean literature and resources for research and education.  We are expecting to receive the materials from January 2016.  The LTI Korea was established by […]

New North Korean Film collection

          The Asian Library recently acquired a comprehensive North Korean film collection with the generous funding support from the UBC Centre for Korean Research.  In the format of DVDs, the collection holds films produced in each decade of the 20th century since the 1960s, all the way through the 21st century. […]

Book exhibit:Ŭigwe- The Royal Protocols of the Chosŏn Dynasty

Ŭigwe (의궤 儀軌) – The Royal Protocols of the Chosŏn Dynasty (1392~1910) Date: May 01 – August 14, 2015 Hours: 9am – 5pm (Mon-Fri) Location: Asian Library (Upper Floor)   What is Ŭigwe (의궤 儀軌)? Literally meaning “a model for rituals”, Ŭigwe is a collection of records on the preparation for and conduct of state-sponsored […]

Puban Project Complete and Online!

Tiananmen 1989: A Book Display

25 years ago from April to June, tens of thousands of students gathered at the Tiananmen Square of Beijing to fight for democracy. The Chinese government condemned the movement as a “counter-revolutionary riot” and finally initiated a crackdown on June 3-4, which is also known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre or June 4th Massacre. About […]

Donations from New World Press

Donations from New World Press

Zhang Hai’ou, Editor-in-chief, and three other representatives from the New World Press (新世界出版社) visited the Asian Library on Tuesday, June 25. They generously presented to the Library 16 titles of Chinese monographs, including “我们的荊轲(莫言)”,  “做个快乐读书人(刘墉)”, “沙海(南派三叔)”, “平凹文墨迹(贾平凹)”, “漫画一生(华君武)”, “北大国学课”, “”一百个中国人的梦”, etc.  The books are now on display at the Asian Centre entrance until July 10 […]

2012 WCILCOS Conference papers in UBC cIRcle

2012 WCILCOS Conference papers in UBC cIRcle

It is nearly a year since the 5th WCILCOS Conference on Chinese through the America was held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. As the Conference Secretariat, Asian Library is delighted to announce that the conference handbook, keynote speech webcasts, authorized papers and presentation slides are now available in cIRcle, UBC’s Digital […]

Collections Relocation

The removal of all materials from the Asian vault on the ground floor was completed last week. ALL Asian rare collections including the Puban, Pang Jingtang collections are now kept at the Rare Books and Special Collections division at IKBLC with storage conditions that meet international standards. Other big sets such as 百部叢書集成 AC149.P25 S.1-S.100, […]

Donations from Robert H.N. Ho & Family Foundation

Donations from Robert H.N. Ho & Family Foundation

The Asian Library is pleased to announce that we have recently received three titles of gift from Mr. Robert Ho and The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation. The books are now on display at the Asian Centre lobby. Out of Character: Decoding Chinese Calligraphy 灋迹: 觀遠山莊珍藏法書選 Edited by Michael Knight and Joseph Z. Chang, this […]

Cataloguing Backlog Project

The Cataloguing Backlog Project that comprises 40,000 monographs in seven Asian Languages will begin in May 2009. Titles from special collections such as Jing Yi Zhai and Punjabi/Hindi/Sanskrit/Urdu materials of the Shastic Program, that are never in the library catalogue will be prioritized for cataloguing, so are missing out titles of catalogued series. Please stay […]

Binding Backlog Project

The Binding Backlog Project will start in April 2009. A full time staff will be hired to help bind 6,000 Chinese, Japanese, Korean and South Asian serial back issues. Print issues which are available on-line in dependable and reputable databases that the library has been subscribing for more than three years will not be bound […]

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