Asian Library Fall Update 2015

Asian Library Fall Update 2015 – click here for the pdf version.  

Great Reads for the Holidays

Click here to view the photos of the event! Date: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm Location: Asian Centre 1871 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2 Great Reads at UBC Library was launched in 2011 to provide leisure-reading to community members, students, faculty, and staff. In fall 2015, the Asian Library began building […]

Visit of Prof. Nobuyoshi Takashima

Visit of Prof. Nobuyoshi Takashima

Japanese historian, educator and textbook author Takashima Nobuyoshi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Ryukyus, visited the Asian Library on October 15, prior to his special lecture at the C.K.Choi Building. He made a valuable donation of 12 volumes of Nihon no ronten (Thank you for completing our collection!), along with his wife (Takashima Michi)’s […]

New North Korean Film collection

          The Asian Library recently acquired a comprehensive North Korean film collection with the generous funding support from the UBC Centre for Korean Research.  In the format of DVDs, the collection holds films produced in each decade of the 20th century since the 1960s, all the way through the 21st century. […]

New GAA Reference Hours

Starting from October 5, other than the regular reference hours (i.e. Monday to Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.), Asian Library will have Graduate Academic Assistant (GAA) manning our Reference Desk during the peak time from Monday to Thursday. They can help patrons in their own language areas while answering basic to intermediate reference questions in general. […]

Asian Library New Food & Drink Policy

Effective immediately, no food is being consumed in any public area in the Asian Library. To ensure the protection and preservation of library collections, and to provide a comfortable and clean environment for studying, Asian Library enforces a new and strict food and drink policy starting from September 18, 2015. Under the new policy, library […]

A Tang Painting Scene Reconstructed 重構唐人宮樂圖

A Tang Painting Scene Reconstructed 重構唐人宮樂圖

Come check out the new displays “A Tang Painting Scene Reconstructed” (重構唐人宮樂圖) and “History through Quipai” (曲牌) at the Asian Centre foyer and Asian Library upper floor. Curated by Alan Lau and Sophi Liang, “A Tang Painting Scene Reconstructed” is a three-dimensional contemporary “reconstruction” of a famous painting which depicts palace music making during the […]

Changes in Japanese reference support

Our Japanese Librarian Shirin Eshghi is on leave for the year of 2015. We regret that support for Japanese language related questions will be available for only so many hours per week. Please note that the expected wait time for requests will also increase.  Please direct your reference related questions to Yoonkyung Kim at: […]

Display in memory of Master Toa Wong – Legend of Cantonese Opera

Master Toa Wong (黃滔) is an honored and respected Cantonese opera master who passed away on June 30th this year at the age of 101. In the past years, Master Wong donated more than 600 items of books and recordings to the Asian Library. He also helped build and document the collection of Cantonese Opera […]

Recording of Chinese rare materials lecture is now on YouTube

More than 50 people joined us on May 19 in the UBC Library Chinese Rare Materials lecture. Thank you to Prof. Boyue Yao (姚伯岳教授) from the Peking University Library and Dr. Bruce Rusk (阮思德教授) from the UBC Department of Asian Studies for sharing the history of Pang Jingtang Collection and introducing its authentication process. Prof. […]

Summer Book Display: The Education of the Women as Citizens of “Modern Japan”

UBC Asian Library’s Summer Book Display The Education of the Women as Citizens of “Modern Japan” Date: July 6 – August 21, 2015 Hours: 9am – 5pm (Mon-Fri) Location: Asian Centre Foyer What changes can we observe regarding women’s everyday life, social status and career options during the fast-changing Meiji and Taishō Japan? Did “modernization” […]

From Buddhism to Nestorian Christianity: The importance of the Silk Roads in the movement of ideas and religions across Central Asia

Welcome to Professor Yao Baoyue!

Welcome to Professor Yao Baoyue!

Professor Boyue Yao (姚伯岳), Rare Book Librarian from Beijing University Library, recently joined the Library to work on the CLIR Hidden Collection project. Library Development and the Asian Library recently hosted a small reception on April 16 to welcome Professor Yao to the Library, and to showcase some of the rare materials he will be […]

Chinese Rare Materials in UBC Library: focusing on Pang Jingtang Collection

UBC 圖書館珍貴的中國古文獻收藏:從龐鏡塘收藏說起 UBC 圖書館擁有異常豐富的中國古文獻收藏,吸引著世界各地的學者絡繹前往。其中最新入館的龐鏡塘藏書更以其珍貴稀見,引起學術界的高度關注。應邀前來鑒定龐鏡塘藏書的北京大學圖書館姚伯岳教授,將和UBC亞洲學系阮思德教授同臺亮相,講述龐鏡塘特藏的前世今生,介紹部分藏品的鑒定過程。聽眾將得以分享學者們的寶貴經驗,一窺中國古文獻的奧秘。 主講: 姚伯岳教授(北京大學圖書館)及 阮思德教授 (UBC亞洲學系) 日期: 二零一五年五月十九日(星期二) 時間: 下午二時三十分至四時 地點: UBC 蔡章閣樓120室 (1855 West Mall, Vancouver) 講座以中文進行, 附英文翻譯 報名及查詢: / 604-827-2760 UBC Library has an extremely rich collection of ancient Chinese literature, which has attracted a great number of scholars from around the world. Pang Jingtang Collection, one of the latest […]

Buddhism, Christianity and the Silk Road: An talk with Dr. Frances Wood

Book exhibit:Ŭigwe- The Royal Protocols of the Chosŏn Dynasty

Ŭigwe (의궤 儀軌) – The Royal Protocols of the Chosŏn Dynasty (1392~1910) Date: May 01 – August 14, 2015 Hours: 9am – 5pm (Mon-Fri) Location: Asian Library (Upper Floor)   What is Ŭigwe (의궤 儀軌)? Literally meaning “a model for rituals”, Ŭigwe is a collection of records on the preparation for and conduct of state-sponsored […]

One year subscription to NK News (North Korean News)

Responding to our patron needs, UBC Library has been investigating ways on how best to increase access to and gather more reliable information about North Korea.  We are now pleased to announce that with generous funding support from the Centre for Korean Research at the Institute of Asian Research, we have managed to secure a […]

Asian Library’s opening hours in April

Due to statutory holidays and UBC exam period in April, Asian Library opening hours will be changed on the following dates: April 3 (Friday) – Closed April 4 (Saturday) – Closed April 6 (Monday) – Closed April 17 (Friday) – 9am-8pm April 24 (Friday) – 9am-8pm April 29 (Wednesday) – 9am-5pm April 30 (Thursday) – […]

New Trial Resource – NK News

Asian Library Open Hours Change during Reading Week

The week of February 16 is the Reading Week in UBC.  Asian Library open hours will be changed as follows: Monday, February 16 9:00am – 5:00pm Tuesday, February 17 9:00am – 5:00pm Wednesday, February 18 9:00am – 5:00pm Thursday, February 19 9:00am – 5:00pm Friday, February 20 9:00am – 5:00pm Saturday, February 21 closed (due […]

Lunar New Year Celebration 2015

Come join us at the Lunar New Year celebration on February 13 at the UBC Asian Centre! This is the second year that Asian Library works together with the Department of Asian Studies for this joyous event.  Main event starts at 10:00am, including a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate UBC Library’s 100th anniversary.  Heritage and non-heritage […]

UBC Library Celebrates 100 Years!

Holiday Hours

Asian Library Holiday Hours 2014

Asian Library open hours during the Christmas and New Year holidays: December 15-16 (Mon-Tue): 9am to 8pm December 17-19 (Wed-Fri): 9am to 5pm December 20-21 (Sat-Sun): closed December 22-23 (Mon-Tue): 9am to 5pm December 24 (Wed): 9am to 3pm December 25 – January 1 (Thu-Thu): closed January 2 (Fri): 9am to 5pm January 3-4 (Sat-Sun): […]

Asian Library Extended Open Hours During Exams

To accommodate students’ study schedules, Asian Library will be open extended hours on Fridays during the examination period: December 5: 9am – 8pm December 12: 9am – 8pm Please also visit Hours and Locations to check out the open hours of different library branches. Don’t walk alone if you travel late at night after study. […]

Thank you for joining us in the “Japanese Design Today” lectures

Nearly 200 people came to the “Japanese Design Today” lectures that took place on October 23, 2014. The event, which was co-presented by the Japan Foundation and Asian Library with the sponsorship of the Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver and the Asian Studies Department,  featured two of the foremost experts on Japanese design. Professor […]

Puban Project Complete and Online!

Food For Fines at UBC Library

Lectures on Japanese design today

Date: Thursday, October 23, 2014 Time: 2:00-4:30pm Location: Asian Centre Auditorium, UBC (1871 West Mall) This rare opportunity to learn about current trends in Japanese design and architecture will feature Professor Hiroshi Kashiwagi from Musashino Art University, and Mr. Yoshifumi Nakamura, an architect and furniture designer who also teaches at the College of Industrial Technology […]

Punjabi Writer Series: Gill Moranwali

UBC Asian Library is pleased to bring you the new display featuring the works of award-winning Punjabi writer, Gill Moranwali. Born in the village of Miranwali in Hoshiarpur District of Punjab, India, Gill Moranwali immigrated to Canada in 1970. In 1991 he obtained the “Punjabi Sahit Sabha Canada” award in recognition for his publications and […]

Video of Professor Chia-ying Yeh’s birthday celebration is now on!

On July 26, approximately 150 friends and students of Chia-ying Yeh, Professor Emerita of Asian Studies, gathered at the Asian Centre Auditorium to celebrate with her on her 90th birthday. Hosted by Asian Library, Department of Asian Studies, the Centre for Chinese Research and the Institute of Asian Research, along with the kind support of […]

UBC Pay for Print service rolls out at UBC Library

Exhibition celebrating life and work of Professor Chia-ying Yeh on her 90th birthday

Asian Library, Department of Asian Studies, the Centre for Chinese Research and the Institute of Asian Research (along with the kind support of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and the Chinese Canadian Writers’ Association) will jointly present an exhibition celebrating the life and work of Professor Florence Chia-Ying Yeh, a Professor Emerita of Asian […]

In Memory of Ms. Tung King Ng

It is with sadness to announce that Ms. Tung King Ng (伍冬瓊), the first Head of the Asian Library, passed away on June 11 at age 92. Ms. Ng graduated from the Chinese Department, University of Hong Kong on a scholarship with a stellar academic record and pursued library science studies in England. Upon graduating, […]

Walking tour and reception for Chinese-speaking residents

On June 9, Asian Library joined the Office of the Provost and VP Academic, Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, Campus and Community Planning (C+CP), and University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) in offering a walking tour and reception for the Chinese-speaking residents living on campus. The overall goals are to initiate a deepening of the connection […]

Exhibition of Historical Artifacts of Overseas Chinese & Historical Figures of the Ing Clan

In June 1914, Suey Sun Fong (胥山房) issued a receipt to Wu Yichou, who paid two dollars in membership enrollment fee. This receipt stub attests the existence of Wu (伍) clan association in Vancouver for over a hundred years. Wu (or Ing, Eng, Ng) pioneers set foot in Canada as early as 1886. The largest […]

Call for volunteers: Cultural Ambassadors for the Ing Association exhibition

Call for volunteers: Cultural Ambassadors for the Ing Association exhibition

The Ing Suey Sun Tong Association (溫哥華伍胥山公所) will be hosting an exhibition titled “rare historical artifacts of Overseas Chinese & historical figures of the Ing Clan” (伍氏宗族華僑歷史文物和名人事跡展覽) in celebration of its centennial.  It will be held June 14 to July 14 at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver Museum in Chinatown. UBC Asian Library […]

The Start of a Long Journey: Art Exhibition from CAFA

“A thousand-mile long journey starts from each and every step.”   – Dao De Jing 千里之行: 中央美术学院毕业生优秀作品收藏展 The Start of a Long Journey: The Collection of Excellent Graduation Works (2012-13) from China Central Academy of Fine Arts June 3 – June 12 UBC Asian Centre Auditorium (1871 West Mall) Opening: Tuesday, June 3 | 4:30 pm […]

The Search of Peking Man: Reading List

Nearly 70 people joined Dr. Harry CS Lam in the talk “The Search of Peking Man” on May 22 afternoon at the Asian Centre Auditorium, including Ken McAteer and Bev Nann, President and Vice President of Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society. Thank you so much!                     […]

Tiananmen 1989: A Book Display

25 years ago from April to June, tens of thousands of students gathered at the Tiananmen Square of Beijing to fight for democracy. The Chinese government condemned the movement as a “counter-revolutionary riot” and finally initiated a crackdown on June 3-4, which is also known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre or June 4th Massacre. About […]

Buddha’s Birthday on May 6!

Buddha’s Birthday on May 6!

佛诞节 | 花祭り | 석가탄신일 | ਬੁੱਧਦਾਜਨਮ ਦਿਨ Buddha’s Birthday, the birthday of the Prince Siddhartha Gautama, is a holiday traditionally celebrated in Mahayana Buddhism. In many East Asian countries Buddha’s Birth is celebrated on the 8th day of the 4th month in the Chinese lunar calendar (but in Japan since 1873 on April 8 […]

Komagata Maru Project

Komagata Maru Project

In 1914, “Komagata Maru” carried 376 South Asian would-be immigrants to Canada, but it was turned away from Vancouver. This reflected a larger move against Asian immigration at that time in both popular and official circles. In honour of the centenary of this tragic event, UBC Asian Studies and its partners have produced a multi-faceted […]

Cigarette cards digitization project led by SLAIS students

From January to April, Asian Library presented an exhibition on Li Desheng’s collection of cigarette cards under the title “Knowing 360 Jobs in Old China”.  At the same time our GAA student Daisy Hui and her two fellows, Kimberly Garmoe and Sehdeep Kaur, at the UBC School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS) also initiated […]

explorASIAN 2014: The Search of Peking Man

Come join the Asian Library to celebrate explorASIAN 2014 in the slide presentation “The Search of Peking Man” by Dr. Harry C.S. Lam.  This is held on Thursday, May 22nd, 2:00-3:30 p.m. at the Asian Centre Auditorium(1871 West Mall, Vancouver). Peking Man refers to a group of individuals living in a location near Peking from 10,000 […]

Happy Vaisakhi!

Vaisakhi is a festival celebrated across northern India to commemorate the harvest season and the birth of the Khalsa. It is celebrated with great fervour by the Sikh community in India and by the Sikh diaspora around the world. This day is also observed as the Thanksgiving Day by the farmers whereby they pay their […]

Thank you for participating the Elegant Gathering of Confucianists

Thank you for participating the Elegant Gathering of Confucianists

Co-presented by the UBC Asian Library and School of Music, “An Elegant Gathering of Confucianists” (儒家雅集) was successfully held on Thursday, Mar 20. It had a big turnout with more than 100 people actually! Wish everyone enjoyed the performance of Qin zither and Chinese calligraphy.  Highlight of the event fell on the performance of traditional […]

Haft-seen display at the Asian Centre

Haft-seen display at the Asian Centre

The Asian Library will be displaying a haft-seen table spread to celebrate Persian New Year (Norouz). The haft-seen is comprised of seven (haft) edible items that start with “seen” (س ) an “S” sounding alphabet.  Each household normally creates a decorative haft-seen and this is left up throughout the New Year season, which lasts for […]

An Elegant Gathering of Confucianists

An Elegant Gathering of Confucianists

Welcome to join us for a special performance and demonstration of the traditional Chinese arts of qin zither (琴) and calligraphy (書法) – two of the most important accomplishments of the Confucian scholar.  Both types of music and art are experiencing a strong revival in interest in China and around the world, reflecting shared values of […]

Calligraphy Lecture & Demonstration with Kataoka Shikō

Calligraphy Lecture & Demonstration with Kataoka Shikō

The Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver, Keifūkai Vancouver and UBC Asian Library are hosting an evening with renowned calligrapher Kataoka Shikō  (片岡紫江) on Monday, February 24th, 6:30pm at the UBC Asian Centre Auditorium (1871 West Mall, Vancouver). Ms. Kataoka will provide a lecture and demonstration in Japanese, with English translation provided by Dr. Sonja […]

Celebrate Lunar New Year at the Asian Centre!

Celebrate Lunar New Year at the Asian Centre!

The Year of the Horse is approaching! UBC Asian Library, in collaboration with the Department of Asian Studies, will be celebrating the Lunar New Year at the Asian Centre on Friday, February 7, from 10:00am to 4:00pm (map). The main event hosted by the Department of Asian Studies will start at 10:00am. It is a […]

Beautiful China Photo Exhibition

Beautiful China Photo Exhibition

A beautiful China is defined by all kinds of beautiful elements: green mountains, peaceful lakes, harmony between man and nature, eco-friendly consciousness in urban planning and development, smile on faces,  happiness in heart…….you can now explore more through the lens of the photographers in China. Co-presented by the Asian Library and the Consulate General of […]

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